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New malware in Google App Market/Android 2.1 is insecure


New malware in Google App Market/Android 2.1 is insecure

So...the question is:  Now that the security on Android versions under 2.3 (Gingerbread) have been shown to be completely insecure, will Sprint/Samsung finally update all their phones or let their users get all their user data stolen/phone compromised?

Basically, there is an exploit that gives malicious software root access if you download certain apps (all known ones have been removed from the Google App store, but these will get more sophisticated).  This hole is plugged in Android v2.3, but all of us stuck on v2.1 with our Moments are vulnerable.

Right now, the only way to protect yourself is to be very, very careful what apps you put on your phone (good idea anyway).

The iPhone fanboys are having a lot of fun with this issue.

Personally, I don't think I'll buy a Samsung phone again...if I stay with Sprint (questionable), I will definately be looking more towards the HTC phones.  They seem to get current updates much better than the Samsungs.


New malware in Google App Market/Android 2.1 is insecure

As a Sprint Premier Customer, I am extremely concerned about my device being completely vulnerable because Sprint is unwilling to upgrade the OS.

Samsung Moment users deserve expedited security patches or a new OS upgrade to secure all of our sensitive information.Will a moderator or someone please push these security issues up to Sprint? Either we need security updates, an OS upgrade, or a phone upgrade because this model has known hardware issues & now known security flaws. Something has to give here. A quiet disregard for our concerns is not acceptable. I'd like someone to address these security concerns. It's not a matter of just downloading apps. Any Samsung Moment or Android 2.1 user could be sent a text message with a link to known malware apps & be tricked by social engineering tricks to unknowingly load malware on to their device. I hope a moderator or someone will respond, address our concerns, push this up to the developer team ASAP! The developer team needs to consider emergency patches, upgrading the Moment to a better build, or replacing our vulnerable devices with something secure.

Thank you.

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