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Newest Update Makes My Phone Laggy. Anyone Else?


Newest Update Makes My Phone Laggy. Anyone Else?

My Samsung Moment is upgraded to it's most recent update. I don't know if it's just me or not. But ever since I have updated, my phone has been laggy (it will slow down or just stop all together). This happens when I am in apps. For example, I was looking through wallpapers through an app I've been using ever since I've had my phone (and I've never had problems) and just randomly it will get stuck on loading. After that I can't use the app until I turn off/on my phone. This also happens with going through ringtone apps and so on. I find it EXTREMELY annoying and this has only started the day I upgraded. Besides this little problem, the update is pretty neat. But honestly, if I had to pick between this update with the nice new upgrades or the previous update where my apps worked fine....I would pick the previous update.

Does anyone else have this problem? Because if not, maybe I just installed the update wrong.

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