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No AdobeFlash10.1 even in 2.1 for the moment


No AdobeFlash10.1 even in 2.1 for the moment

Antonio is an Adobe employee and this suggests something different than what we may have assumed – just because a handset is upgraded to Android 2.0 DOES NOT mean it will be eligible for Flash 10.1 and in fact, many phones won’t be able to enjoy Flash 10.1 regardless of OS updates. In addition to requiring Android 2.0, each phone will also require a minimum processor spec.

Taylor from AndroidAndMe did a little research and made a list of US phones that, based on this information (and assuming its true), will not ever have Flash 10.1 capabilities:

  • Sprint Hero
  • Sprint Moment
  • T-Mobile G1
  • T-Mobile myTouch 3G
  • T-Mobile CLIQ
  • T-Mobile Behold II
  • Verizon Droid Eris
  • Verizon Devour

What a shame, what a shame. Hopefully they’ll at least release it to those ready, willing and able by the first half of 2010 as they’ve promised. And hopefully we can have some more clarification on exactly what phones will and won’t enjoy Flash in the future. Afterall, there are people making purchase decisions NOW based on what features their phone might have in a few months from now. We just want some transparency so we can make informed buying decisions!

So I'm wondering is their a Moment 2 coming in the Fall?


Re: No AdobeFlash10.1 even in 2.1 for the moment

Personally I think this is good news. If it ran anything like the pc implementation, it would probably cripple the Moment. I'd rather have performance and a faster browsing experience than more ads and having my battery drained. I usually block all flash content on computers that I use, and don't miss it at all browsing the internet on my Moment. I'm surprised though that the specs for the Samsung Moment doesn't meet their requirements...

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