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Please Help! Simple Question (with a small back-story) - DI06

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Please Help! Simple Question (with a small back-story) - DI06

DHi Everyone,

Please bear with me, I really need some help and advice!

First off, I actually love this phone (well, sometimes). I purchased this last year for like the ridiculous full list price of around $350-$450 (though I believe I did receive some Instant Savings & was also SUPPOSED to receive a $100 mail-in rebate). I did get off to a rocky start w/the phone, as I never received my $100 rebate from Sprint & at first my battery life sucked. (After I started letting the battery discharge completely before re-charging it helped immensely. I used to be able to go for 2-3 days without recharging, and this was before I found out about the Task Killers/App Managers/Memory Apps, etc.). I had a few miscellaneous issues but nothing really major. After the update from 1.5 to 2.1, it seemed to get better at first and then just became progressively worse as time went on. Then, Sprint Navigation refused to work; at first locking up, FC's, etc., and now it will sit on the screens forever, then finally say it can't find a GPS signal. Strangely enough, Google Maps/Nav/Latitude will then start right up & literally show me a picture of my front door if I go to "My Location". I somehow apparently lost the Sprint Nascar App... it was just gone, nowhere to be found. I used to have a Sprint NFL app too, which is now also gone & the Sprint TV App doesn't work. Seems rather ironic to me that the apps w/the most problems are SPRINT apps! I didn't even think you COULD get rid of those. I've also had a number of other minor problems, but not going to bore everyone even more describing them.

I do have a Force Close once in a while & my phone randomly does some weird stuff, but nothing huge. Thankfully, so far, I never had any issues w/Airplane Mode or Data Lockup, though my Moment is usually running via wireless, & I decided to try xScope again instead of trying out Skyfire to avoid any of the published issues.

Although I'm an Information Security and Intelligence Analyst who's DYING to Root this thing, I've forced myself to refrain on the chance I may FUBAR the phone. I know I could re-flash it, but I have it set up to where it at least works & I like the aesthetics, etc. I equate it to a PC running Windows... yeah, it's going to crash, apps are going to error out, some things decide not to work for no discernible reason, but it will usually get done what you need it to, if you put in some work.

In addition, my battery is back to junk... 4-6 hours on a full charge with normal use (usually just GMail, Web & a few games).

I'm now getting the OTA "System Update" Pop-Up like every 1/2 hour right now, but then it will disappear for days. Me, being me, I've read hundreds of posts on the subject of the DI06 Update(s) & I'm to the point I might flip a coin soon. I'd say the majority of the posts have been negative, but I also have a feeling that at least the earlier complaints might have been due to the fact that Sprint or whomever either didn't realize, or the customers failed to update both the Build/Baseband or the PRL?

I know after the update it's supposed to be at Baseband M:900.8.OS.DI06 / Build: Eclair:DI06. I've also read that after some updates, the phones will actually say M:900.8.OS.DI18 & Build: Eclair:DI18. Does anyone know what the deal with that is? Also, Is there also a certain PRL# that it should be at?

As far as my MAIN QUESTIONS for this post:

Just FYI, currently I'm running Firmware 2.1 Update-1, Eclair:DE03 Build & Baseband & PRL 60669? I believe.

#1 - Should I apply this update??? I'm hoping it will help the issues I have w/out screwing up anything else of course. I don't use the SlideLock, but I do use the Pattern Lock. I have to have functional Wi-Fi & GPS as well.

#2 - In the opinions of the educated readers here who have done the update or know a lot about it, will this OTA System Update apply both the Build & Baseband (&PRL if needed)? This is a biggie, because although my laptop dual-boots Windows and Xubuntu Linux, my Windows installation is currently not functioning correctly (possibly because I always use Linux), and although I'm getting a new laptop delivered tomorrow, it's a MacBook Pro so I won't be able to download the files to a computer and update through USB; so if the "Install Now" OTA update doesn't complete all of the updates, I'm afraid I'll run into even more problems. I read quite a few posts where the Build was updated but nothing else, or vice versa. Consequently they had tons of issues & then had to start over, download the files & then use the Sprint installer, which as I mentioned is not an option for me.

#3 - Since it's Sprint, I had to sign a multi-year contract so I can't even say "the heck with it" & just get another phone. Plus, after paying hundreds of dollars for this thing I'm not ready to give up! Oh, did I happen to mention I never got my rebate? Sorry. just a little peeved about that!

#4 - For those still reading, I really appreciate your time and patience. I'm sorry, I guess it was neither a simple question, nor a short back-story, really. I tend to write a lot when I get going, so I apologize for the length. Nevertheless, I would REALLY appreciate any of your experiences, your help and your advice. Right now I have left the System Update pop-up on-screen (unless someone calls!) so I can try the OTA Install first if I decide to go ahead w/the update. If I hit "Install Later", the box could pop back up in 20 minutes, or not for another few days. Of course this kind of sucks when I want to do something on the phone & I obviously know how to get to the individual "Updates", but I'm hoping that doing the "Install Now" will give me the best chance of success.

Again, Thank You Very Much for your time and any help at all you could give me. It would be very much appreciated!!!


Information Security and Intelligence Analyst


Re: Please Help! Simple Question (with a small back-story) - DI06

I have to admit that I did a little bit of skimming when reading your post.

1. Yes, apply the update.  After the OTA update, make a firmware update.  From the home screen, tap menu, settings, about phone, system updates, update firmware.  I recommend this because if you have any other problems, the Sprint Repair center will flash your phone with the update and send you on your way, even if the update is not intended to address your problem.

2. Partly answered in #1.  Otherwise, take your phone to the repair center.  Alternatively, just leave the baseband as mismatched.  I have a friend who has the mismatched name as the baseband, and his phone works fine.

3. If I understand correctly, the rebate was for the multi-year contract.  If you did not get a rebate, you may not be in a multi-year contract.  Then you can leave at will.  I purchased a new phone for my wife for full retail and activated it on the Sprint Network.  Her contract end date did not change as a result of activating the new phone.  Perhaps contact customer service to verify your contract?

4. My experience: I installed now, and did the firmware update as described in #1 with no problems.  However, a lot of other folks have had the baseband version mismatched, even after trying the firmware update.

Finally, if you can follow a recipe and make a simple dish, then you can root your phone without bricking it.


Re: Please Help! Simple Question (with a small back-story) - DI06

Well your mileage may vary, but my phone worked fine before the update. It works very poorly now. Maybe it will do the opposite for you!

You will receive 2 OTA updates. The first will be for the baseband. The other will be for the Build number. It should work. If not, you can take it to a sprint store where they can do it for you. However, do yourself a favor and spend a few bucks on MyBackup Pro. It's totally worth it. It's saved my butt numerous times where I've botched an install on my phone (rooting, re-flashing, etc.).

I use the pattern lock, and I can tell you that it works fine. However the proximity sensor seems to go crazy after the update. Sometimes it doesn't work, sometimes it blanks your screen with your hand 2 inches away from the phone (not even kidding).


Re: Please Help! Simple Question (with a small back-story) - DI06

wow, that doesnt exactly fill me with confidence! 😉 However I am going to do the OTA update... I was actually going to do it last night but the box disappeared. Also, I actually already bought MyBackupPro a while ago (I also have MyBookmarks from the same company). I think my proximity sensor is already screwed up anyway; it screws up the phone usually whenever I'm on a call & does all kinds of crazy stuff.

Thanks very much for your info & advice. I appreciate it!

DC Ellis


Re: Please Help! Simple Question (with a small back-story) - DI06

What, you skimmed my post?!?!? Kidding of course; I'm used to writing reports, affidavits, etc that require a lot of details, so I tend to over-explain at times. Regardless, thanks for reading what you did & for your input.

I plan on doing the OTA update the next time it pops up & then hope for the best. As far as the contract, it is stil under contract along with a Sierra USB Broadband device that I havent used for a year that costs me another $60/month... another 2 year contract. Off subject, sorry.

So anyway, after the OTA  I guess I'll just see where I'm at & then update whatever needs it after that.

After the update, I will probably then look into rooting the thing. It's not my technical ability that I'm worried about by a long shot. It's more a matter of getting the correct files & instructions from a competent & reliable source.

Thanks again for your time, input & advice. I really appreciate it.

DC Ellis

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