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Please share your cool apps on your Moment


Please share your cool apps on your Moment

I deeply fall in love with many free and cool apps!  My previous phone was BlackBerry Curve 8330.  It was a great phone, yet I was so disappointed with apps.  For instance, I had to pay $20 for the mp3 player.  With Moment, I got the greatest mp3 player, Meridian, for free!!!

Anyhow ...I have installed these cool and useful apps on my phones...they are all free and highly rated (4 stars or above) on Android Market.  I really like them....some are lifesavers! I would appreciate if you could list cool apps (free or cheap) that you have installed on your Moment, for the shake of sharing especially for those novice to Android (like me few weeks ago).  I am more interested in the apps that you downloaded from the Market, not the apps that were part of the phone you first bought it.

The fastest way to find out what apps downloaded and installed on your Moment is via 'My downloads' via Market app.

Here's my list:

- Spare Parts

- Zebra Paint, Pic Paint, Touch! 4Kids - Free, Kids Paint, Happy Flash Cards Free, ABC's, Funny Touch Screen, Block Jam Lite, Toddler Lock: my small kids love these!

- ColorDict Dictionary

- GPS Status

- Advanced Task Killer Free (life saver!)

- Flashlight

- Unit Converter - ConvertPad

- Google Sky Map

- Google Voice

- Ultimate Stopwatch & Timer (great app)

- RealCalc Scientific Calculator

- PicSay - Photo Editor

- Pandora Radio

- FxCamera

- A Online Radio (great app!!!)

- Speedtest

- Task Manager

- Camera Magic

- Meridian Player Noble

- ASTRO File Manager (another great app!!!)

- Speed Dial

- SecForms Lite

- Tuner - gStrings

- Backgrounds

- The Weather Channel


I am a super novice....I had a really OLD phone that didn't even have I definitely love my Moment....and have spent time investigating apps... here are some of my favorites (free):



Apps Organizer

Calorie Counter

OI Shopping list


Battery Widget


SMS Popup



and my personal favorite Speed Dial

I'll check out a few of your favorites too!


Here's my list of the best apps that I use:

  1. The Dolphin Browser!
  2. Handcent SMS
  3. ColorDict Dictionary (allows you to add many dictionaries and thesaurus)
  4. Mother TED (great app for watching inspiring videos)
  5. K-9 Mail for email
  6. Shazam (recognizes and tags music that's playing, say, on your radio)
  7. Wikimobile Encyclopedia
  8. Documents To Go
  9. Places Directory
  10. Chess
  11. Dial Zero
  12. Weatherbug
  13. Swift App for Twitter
  14. Bloo (for Facebook)
  15. Advanced Task Killer Free
  16. Movies by Flixster

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Message was edited by: yfan - How I forgot about the Dolphin browser when I first posted, I don't even know!


Here are the apps I use the most...

  - ShopSavvy

  - Meebo IM

  - Advanced Task Killer Free

  - AK Notepad

  - Digital Clock Widget

  - Movies from Flixster

  - Express News from Handmark

  - SMS Popup

  - Backgammon Lite


  - Pandora Radio (mixed results)

  - Service Tattler

  - Weather Widget Free

  - Battery Widget (love how it incorporates toggles for wifi, bt, gps)

  - Ringdroid


Barcode Scanner is another cool app recommended by my brother.

Try it out with this site:


Any Sound guys out there?  Then do a search for RTA.  Used something like this on my WM phone.  Glad to see it available on Android, and less that a quarter of the cost of a WM analyzer.

Oh, and Shopsavvy, definately.

and Layar, Where, GPStest and Places.

Handcent, the best SMS app.

Others, but these are the ones I use most often.


You need to try Panda Home! It is an awesome theme app and it is free!!! There's ALOT of themes to choose from for your home back. The icons get changed too depending on the theme u download. For example, i LUV Snoopy, and the theme i comes with the icons of  Snoopy and Woodstock.

And for your txt messages...i luv ChompSMS...u can edit your background and fonts on ur txts and the color of the bubble texts.

I luv my Moment!


     I switched from TasKiller to TaskPanel seems to give me more memory after it kills applications. For fun (and if your old like me) Thr StarTrek Tricorder and the Schwartz light sabor are fun.

     YouVersion bible is great. Mute is a good app to have.  Battery Widget and Nice Battery are 2 that help me not waste battery power needlessly.

QuickTip calculator. Ringdroid, Carrr Matey although I have not actually used the this one yet, its for when you need to find your car, kinda like walking GPS helpful after a long day at Disneyland or Magic Mountain Im thinking.

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