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Possible Solution to Airplane Mode Issue


Possible Solution to Airplane Mode Issue

I just joined to post a possible solution to this problem. My wife and I started to experience the airplane mode issue on our Moment's right after I applied the CL14 update.

Performing the below steps may correct the problem until Sprint performs another firmware/software update in the near future.

From your phone, go into your Android system settings and select Wireless Controls, followed by Mobile Networks, followed by System Select and change the setting from Automatic to Home Only. Reboot the phone and hopefully your problem is solved.

I've done some research and there may be an issue with the phone/firmware relaying, working, and/or interference with other provider (Verizon for example) towers. It could also be that it is simply a bug in the firmware that needs to be fixed. Regardless, setting the phone to Home Only solved the problem for my wife and I. We have been using the phone for a week or two with no airplane mode issue.

I hope this helps! Please provide feedback if it works so that others become aware of it.


Re: Possible Solution to Airplane Mode Issue

I tried your suggestion without luck.  Enabling 'Automatic' or 'Home' makes no difference on my phone.

I am able to reproduce the Airplane Mode on my phone within nore more than 5 minutes.  It is very simple...  Enable WiFi, download some data, leave the WiFi transmission range so the phone goes back to the Sprint Network, download some more data (in this case I attempted to watch about 4 seconds of a YouTube video), and you have yourself a Moment without connectivity. The Ev indicator disappears from the status bar.  Power cycle is the only way out.

By the way, if 'Home' mode did get around the the problem, I would not call it a solution but just another workaround.


Re: Possible Solution to Airplane Mode Issue

I am sorry to hear the steps did not work for your phone.

I used the term "solution" because it was a solution for my wife's Moment and my Moment. It solved our problem on both phones. Since making the Home change I have not experienced the airplane mode problem since. When I performed your steps in attempt to duplicate the issue everything was still fine with my phone, no airplane mode issue. I am still connecting to the same wireless APs (multiple ones at work and home), phone towers, etc. now as I was when I was having the issue. Immediately after applying the change to my phone the problem was solved. I used my phone for about a week with no issue although my wife was still having the issue, so I applied to the change to her phone and now her problem is solved. I have used my phone without any airplane mode issues for about 3 weeks now and she has been using hers for almost 2 weeks without any problem. I waited before posting this information so I could confirm the fix worked for us. I actually go several days without rebooting my phone, when I do it's due to my battery draining or other issues not related to the airplane mode problem.

Perhaps this issue is occuring because it doesn't like the AP devices the phone is connecting to? Perhaps it is a bug in the firmware? Perhaps it's a chipset/hardware issue? The problem is we don't know exactly what is causing the issue to pinpoint a solution for it. All I can tell you is that the steps I performed worked for my wife and I, so my hope is that it will help others although it may not help everyone. Hence "Possible Solution"


Re: Possible Solution to Airplane Mode Issue

I'm glad it is working for you and thanks for the posts.

In my particular case, I need to enable Automatic Mode so I can get good data connectivity at certain locations.

I can also make my phone more stable by not using WiFi.  You can make yours more stable by not using Automatic Mode.  I still think these are workarounds for a fundamental problem with the phone.  All of the evidence points to the phone having problems when it is switching between the different networks.

I just want to make sure Sprint knows that I would like my particular phone to be able to use the different data paths and switch seamlessly between them without disabling features on the phone or requiring reboots.  In the meantime, I'm applying the different workarounds and living with the consequences until a solution can be found.

I have been living without WiFi for weeks now because this is a workaround for me.  I enabled it last night to try your suggestion. It was nice to see the faster bandwidth that was available through WiFi.  Too bad I will be disabling it again so my phone will stay alive.

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