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Question for Calendar Sharing.


Question for Calendar Sharing.

Heya guys and gals,

I am looking to switch over to the Moment (from a Palm Centro...i know its old).  I need an easy calender/to do list that my wife and I can just - beam to eachother -- nice, quick and easy. We have so many things going on and would love to have some thing fast and simple.  I looked through the Calendar Apps but didn't see anything that will just add her calendar to mine. Any ideas for Apps or will the Moment share calendars like this?

Thanks a bunch,



Re: Question for Calendar Sharing.

Look into Google calendars.  The phone supports it out of the box.  You will need to create two Google accounts one for you and one your wife. Once this is established you will have your own personal calendar.  You wife can then 'share' her calendar to you through your google account name.  Once it is shared, go to your phone, open the calendar app, click on menu/more/My calendards.  You should see her calendar under the Google tab.  Just select it and you should be able to see her events.

Some people don't like to share 'everything'.  There are privacy settings for each event.  Also, you could create any number of calendars and share this as needed.

I don't have an answer for tasks as I am not aware of a way to share these.


Re: Question for Calendar Sharing.

Thank you. I will take a look into this as an option.

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