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Samsung MOMENT. First Impressions. No Awake time!


Samsung MOMENT. First Impressions. No Awake time!

ok so i played with the phone for a couple of hours. here is what i think of it


Screen looks Real nice ( OLED) Display

The response time of the phone is real Fast ( 800 processor) .. No apps installed yet

No Uptime vs Awake Time.

Decent UI ( no Better than Hero)

Camera Looks nice. Pictures look good  especially because of the display

No delay when switching to landspace for  texting


The phone is HUGE.. is as big as the Pocket PC 6700.. the old big PPC. ( my hero with a case is a big as the phone)

The spacekey is in between all the other keys and that is a lilttle annoying

No HTC SENSE . only 3 Screens ( no 7 screens like the hero)

I will remain to have my Hero i love it and is smaller and to me better. =] my 2 cents on the moment


See, I'm coming to this from a Treo 755p. I have held them side-by-side. The Moment is a smidge longer than the treo base (not including it's stubby pylon antenna), a smidge thinner, and a smidge lighter. The Moment has a bigger keyboard, bigger screen, much faster processor, better operating system, and I'm liking it in many, many ways.


* Good call quality and good speakerphone

* Feels solid in my hand. Not flimsy at all. And despite having big hands in which the phone feels comfortable, I'm able to type on its keyboard fairly easily.

* Loving the keyboard layout.

* Screen is GORGEOUS

* Loving the App Marketplace, though I'd like more ways to search and organize results

* The labyrinth game can make my 4-year-old stand still and be quiet, even if he's recently had candy.


* Android 1.5.: 1.6 is almost standard and phones release with 2.0 within a week. Samsung and Sprint have been non-commital about when they'll have an upgrade available. Are they TRYING to dissuade people from buying it.

* Crapware: Why is is next to impossible to delete the Bejeweled Demo and some of the other junk I'll never use (like the NFL and NASCAR apps)?

* Having some Mac compatibility issues (it won't establish a USB data connection with my Mac, but will with my XP box)

* Doesn't seem to take birthdays from your Google contacts. I went to extra effort to make sure I included as many people's birthdays and anniversaries as possible when setting up my contacts list on Gmail. They're not imported into the phone's contacts list or calendar.

* Battery life measurement is a bit hinky.

All in all, I think most of the complaints can be cleared up with software.


yea i see  what u mean.. i'm trying to figure out the issue with the Macs and the phone.

about the software update all we can do is wait on it.


Buddy, the 6700 can't even be compared to this phone. I read this yesterday and actually believed it until I got to thinking "hey, that doesn't seem right..." lol

I put the dimensions into Sizeasy...

And I can confirm - I'm holding my old 6700, and it's roughly TWICE the thickness of the Hero/Moment.

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