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Samsung Moment CL14 Maintenance Release


Re: Samsung Moment CL14 Maintenance Release


So, I just got a Moment and wanted to start things off with this update.

However, I can't get it to work at all. I installed the drivers, rebooted as instructed, and ran through the upgrade. I put the phone in download mode and connect it via USB and I get this:

"USB Device Not Recognized"

-and that's all. I'm on XP. I have no idea how to fix this. I've tried installing Samsung PC Studio, tried reinstalling the drivers, tried connecting the phone while on, then trying again- nothing works.

This seems like it should be pretty basic- drivers that make the phone readable in download mode. What's going on?

Anyone else have this problem? Please give me any info you can, I am at a total loss here. Between this and the ordeal installing the screen protector, my Moment experience is not off to a great start.


Re: Samsung Moment CL14 Maintenance Release

I had an issue when performing the update on our store's demo model (we aren't a service and repair store so we don't have the program they do for updating), so we instead used the regular download for our update to see how it worked to tell customers about.

1. Back up all of your info, it erases everything.

2. Uninstall any Samsung drivers you may have installed previously.

3. Take the battery out, and reinsert it.

4. Press and hold the Volume Down, Camera and End Call buttons until the download screen comes up.

5. Connect the USB cable to your computer and phone.

6. Wait until Windows finishes installing the driver software.

7. Unplug the USB, and take the battery out of the device, then reinsert the battery.

8. Turn the device back on, letting it boot up all of the way.

9. Take the battery back out, and reinsert it again.

10. Boot back into download mode (Press and hold the Volume Down, Camera and End Call buttons).

11. Plug the USB cable back into the phone and computer.

12. The update program on the computer should detect the device and load the correct drivers, allowing you to proceed.

The step by step instructions on the site have a section that appears to be duplicated instead of mentioning that you have to turn the device back on in between download mode boots. I couldn't get the update to work correctly until I did this. Once I did a full boot in between the update worked perfectly for me first try.


Re: Samsung Moment CL14 Maintenance Release

Well, this was a different method but I never got beyond step 5; anytime I plug the phone in while it's in download mode I get the same result from windows: "USB Device Not Recognized"- it says something about a device that's malfunctioned, etc. It's a message I've never gotten before, from anything.

Again, it identifies the phone when it's plugged in and turned on- only in download mode does it cease to be recognizable. If I leave it plugged into the USB port, it will charge.

I'm going to give a Sprint store a call tomorrow to see if anyone there has been doing the update on-site. Depending on how that goes, I may call Samsung or Sprint's tech support, but I am not expecting to get it working on my computer at this point.

I have no idea what could be causing this, but I'm following the procedures correctly- it just won't work.

I even tried booting into a more sparse XP install on this machine and installing the software there- same result. If all else fails (which it just might) I may try it on a different machine tomorrow, if I can convince my boss to let me use hers for it.

This makes me nervous, as I don't want to go through this every time there's an update to this phone- I'm eagerly awaiting 2.1, so I want to be sure I actually have a way to get it on the phone.

Thanks for the quick answer, anyway, but no luck yet.


Re: Samsung Moment CL14 Maintenance Release

I made a bunch of changes to the services on the phone but I'm still not getting the hours I was before the update. Before the update I was getting roughly 20 hours with moderate usage (i.e., texting, email, twitter, web browsing, listening to podcasts, etc). After the update I was getting roughly 6 hours with absolutely no apps loaded and no usage. I made a bunch of service updates and got the usage to around 9 hours with some apps and some usage. Was loving this phone before but I'm not a happy camper with this update.

Can they reload the update and see if that works or do I need to take it back to the store and get a new one?


Re: Samsung Moment CL14 Maintenance Release

Throw caution to the wind... I just reloaded the update. I'll give it a good charge now and see if that does the trick. I'll report back in a couple days to let eveyone know if it worked or not.


Re: Samsung Moment CL14 Maintenance Release

MAN I hope this works for you. I will try this myself in a heartbeat if it does the trick for you.


Re: Samsung Moment CL14 Maintenance Release

Just a quick update to my situation- it has been resolved, but not entirely- I never got it to work on my computer, but on a friend's Vista system, I was finally able to get the update installed.

If anyone has the same impossible USB error I did, my advice would be to try as many other computers as you can get to. Eventually you'll find one that both the phone and the software like enough to get the patch in.


Re: Samsung Moment CL14 Maintenance Release

Just a quick update... it looks like reloading the update did the trick for me. I'm not getting the 2-3 days some people are reporting but I am back in the 20-24 hour range.  After reloading the update I put a full charge in and pulled it off the charger around 1pm (est) yesterday. We're at 10:30 right now and I still have 15% remaining. Some people are saying they see an increase in their battery a couple days after the update so hopefully it gets even better.

But so far so good. If your having a problem with the battery after the update I suggest reloading the update and seeing if that does the trick. It seems to have for me.


Re: Samsung Moment CL14 Maintenance Release

Well, reloading CL14 didnt do anything to fix my problem. That said, I called my closest Sprint Repair Center and talked to a tech and explained to him what I had found.

Basically, its the aGPS that is causing this issue. On a certain subset of these phones, the fix for the aGPS feature is making it so the phone cannot go to sleep. If you go into the Market and find and install Spare Parts, you will see that the Android process is staying at 100% regardless of whether the phone is active or not - even if you disable all wireless settings, this process does not end. This is also what is causing the phone to get warm. Also, network activity is staying close to 100% as well. These running at a constant 100% is what is killing the battery.

The tech told me he had never heard of the issue, but that he understood what I was talking about, and suggested that I call Sprint customer support and speak specifically to Advanced Technical Support. I did so. I had to talk to the normal front-line support rep first, and I explained my issue to her. To my surprise, she found a mention of this issue in their Known Issues list. She then agreed I needed to talk to Advanced Technical Support, which she then transferred me to.

After fully explaining the issue to the advanced tech support rep, explaining that I had tried re-flashing the update as well as several hard resets, she agreed that what I was experiencing was not right - and offered to replace the phone. Additionally, she is also sending an extra battery for me to test with, just to be sure. (she said she wasnt charging me for the battery, and could just keep it regardless of the outcome... so... woo! free spare battery!)

tl;dr version: if the CL14 update made your battery situation worse instead of better, its due to aGPS and Sprint is aware of it and may well replace your phone. Call them if this is happening to you.


Re: Samsung Moment CL14 Maintenance Release

Thank you halcyoncmdr

That missing step helped me out,

The update took about 45 seconds after that (3.2ghz P4, 2GB ram WinXP svc pk2)

Thanks Again!


Re: Samsung Moment CL14 Maintenance Release

I've had battery issues with my phone after the update as well.  I could almost go two days before recharging before the update.  I may try some of the suggestions on here (SpareParts for aGPS, reload or call Advance support - when I find the time).  But one thing I also just tried yesterday was to switch from push mode on my Exchange email to poll every 15 minutes (push never really worked for me before anyway - I always had to have it re-sync).  So far, I've gone 8 hours and still at 70%.

If this continues to work, as a workaround, I may just wait for the 2.1 update before messing with it again.

Just thought I'd share in case someone is having similar issues.


Re: Samsung Moment CL14 Maintenance Release

You are absolutely right! It is unacceptable to have to re-install all of your data after an update.  Crazy.  Samsung and Sprint blew it! No other way to put it.  If they cannot do anything else, then at least an online app that will back-up your data, update your phone then re-install your data.  I have been with Sprint since 1996 but I think it is time to upgrade my phone and my provider.

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