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Samsung Moment SD Card connectivity issue


Samsung Moment SD Card connectivity issue

Just trying to copy files (photos) over to my PC...

When I plug my Moment into my Win7 computer, I get the "Mount" message on the phone, I mount it, and my computer (initially) recognizes the device - drive M: in this case.

I am able to open the folder on the computer containing the phone, I explore to DCIM folder and Camera.  Explorer lists all the photos.  I click on one photo and I actually get to see a preview of that photo on my computer. 

Now, when I click on a different photo, one I need to copy over, I see the progress bar continue to read the card and then the connection/phone/computer hangs up.  I close that window.  Explore back to M: drive, click on it and get the message from the computer that the drive is empty.  On the phone I go to Menu/Settings/SD Card and the option is to Unmount SD card so the phone still has the card mounted.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Re: Samsung Moment SD Card connectivity issue

I have not heard of this particular issue, but there are problems with connecting through a USB port that is not a direct motherboard port.  Try connecting to a USB port on the back of the computer, not a front-panel port and not through a USB hub.


Re: Samsung Moment SD Card connectivity issue

Thanks for the quick reply.  I tried your suggestion, however, to no avail.  I did try your rear port idea, both with USB Debugging turned on and turned off per another post on this forum. 

First I tried the USB Debugging ON, which did not solve my problem.  Then I turned Debugging OFF - wa-lla:  I was able to navigate the folder on the phone, select 16 files and drag them to the folder on the C: drive....appeared all was going to work OK...then, the process hung up copying the second of the 16 files.  The one file that did copy is on the C: drive, is functioning normally.  Why the other 15 did not copy I do not know...

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