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Samsung Moment issues.. Getting the Sprint Store runaround


Samsung Moment issues.. Getting the Sprint Store runaround

Well, my Moment has had issues for a while. To start, the wall chargers that came with both phones (I have two, one for me, one for my fiance) were crap, they both stopped working within weeks of owning the phones.

The issues with my phone have been varied but all really annoying..

Sometimes it turns off on its own when the battery is full, for no reason

It takes up to 30 minutes to start up, minimum 10 minutes

It loses data or signal connection when I KNOW it is there (no airplane mode, just an x saying no signal)
It sometimes "pretends" to call, it tells me I am calling someone but the person never receives it, it never rings, and it is impossible for me to end the call without shutting the phone off

I went to the nearest repair center, and the guy gave me a "software update", didnt bother telling me I'd lose all my texts and such, and said "all fixed", he reassured me that everything I had as far as apps would be in the marketplace ready for me to download again. So I check quickly when I get outta the store, set up a couple apps to download, and get going to my doctors appointment and go on with my day.

To their credit the original issues are fixed, temporarily or permanently I dont know, but now theres another issue...

Later on I check the market only to find out I CANT check the market. I have restarted my phone three times and it has data connection, I have even tried it from my home wifi (which my phone has had no issues with before the "software update") and it continually says "server error" and tells me to retry. I have retried hundreds of times and it has not once come up since I left the store.

Put simply I am pissed off. I paid $200 each for these phones and $70 for new chargers, $140 a month for the service, $14 a month total for their insurance, and sprint KNOWS the moments are lemons, yet they still give me the runaround? Case in point, both stores I went to had other people with Moments in the store getting repairs. One guy had just become fed up with it and he cashed in his moment for the cheapest replacement he could get because he could no longer deal with it. yet I asked, when they were fixing my phone, if they got those issues often... and with three other Moments sitting on the service counter in front of him, visible to me, the guy says "No Ma'am".

I'm going back to the store tomorrow and I hope that they do not try to give me the "software update" BS again. It did not help the first time and it will not help however many times they do it I am sure. If I wanted to factory restore my phone I could do it at home Sprint!!

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