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Samsung Moment - losing service due to apps?


Samsung Moment - losing service due to apps?

I've had this problem for about a week and a half now and trying to figure out what's causing it... Anyone having any problems where you lose service randomly and find a solution? Most of the time my service icons would tell me I have service but nothing would work.

What i've found is there are some samsung core tasks that seem to run when the phone starts up, but end up being closed by the time my phone loses service. I've added these tasks to my task manager's ignore/exclude list to avoid myself closing them by accident, but they still end up closing on their own it seems. Several apps I have had an update the day this started happening, which leads me to believe this is app related, but I can't figure out which one(s). and don't ask me to tell you which apps updated, I can't remember anymore. I have since restored my phone to factory condition, which seemed to work and added only the apps I really use regularly.

The apps I am using are:


k-9 email


ebuddy (deciding which I want to keep still between meebo and ebuddy)

barcode scanner





dolphin browser

apps installer

power manager pro

weather widgets


advanced task manager (free)

Almost all of these also had an update around the time I started losing connection.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. If someone has a good answer to this, please email me the advice at

(First time in the forums, not sure how easy it'll be for me to find this posting again yet)


Re: Samsung Moment - losing service due to apps?

You are not alone.

I am now on my FIFTH Samsung Moment, as the  phone that I purchased from Sprint last November has now been replaced  FOUR TIMES!

Admittedly, the other four Moments had horrendous  problems that made them unusable.

BUT they ALL experience the  spontaneous loss of service that you describe.

On the earlier  phones, this problem would exhibit itself as "Airplane Mode" more  notoriously known as UAM (Unwanted Airplane Mode).

After applying  the update for CL14, the false designation was not longer prevalent.

i.e.  the phones no longer reported that it thought it was in Airplane Mode  but the overall resulting condition was still the same.

No  Cellular available, typically designated by a little 'x' in the corner  of the signal strength status icon.

However, I have also seen  FULL FIVE bars of signal strength, but still no cellular.

One sure  fire method to know you are in this critical condition is to initiate a  cell call.

The call will not connect, the call timer won't start and  the 'END' button will no longer work,so you can't hang-up either.

I  had conducted numerous experiments and I can tell you that it is NOT  related to any particular applications.

You can induce the problem  sometimes by killing either the 'Samsung Update' or the  '' tasks.

The '' task  always runs on startup, but 'Samsung Update' will only be running if you  have chosen any of the Software Update choices from the Settings menu.   Normally, killing either of these processes simply resets the cellular  radio and all is well,  so your Moment has to have already worked itself  into a vulnerable condition for the cell radio not to come back online.

The  problem can occur at any time under any condition,even simply sitting  idle and plugged into a charger.

It does seem to be aggravated by  and increased to happened the more wireless activity you have been  using.

But  I have also seen it happen without either WiFi or Bluetooth enabled.

This  phone has inherent problems keeping stereo bluetooth connections for  media playback.

It also has inherent problem streaming 128K audio  streams from the internet even with full FIVE bar cellular signals.

But the dead cellualr condition really really irks me.

I don't know what to about this except continue to remove the battery untila rease of Android 2.1 proves one way or another whether we simply have  some kind fundamental hardware design  flaw in the Samsng Moment.

With all of these problems, it frustrates me that Sprint has been taking so long, and still hasn't realeased a 2.1 update.

Verizon is way ahead of Sprint.  Someone needs to loose their job over this.


Re: Samsung Moment - losing service due to apps?

Ken, I'd bet it's advanced task manager if not apps installer or power manager pro, you're better off without these apps as the o/s manages these things already


Re: Samsung Moment - losing service due to apps?

wow im glad i didnt get that phone...I almost bought one because of the Amoled...


Re: Samsung Moment - losing service due to apps?

Thanks for some feedback, cp.

However, I only wish it were that straightforward.

These problems started happening before I ever installed "Task Manager Free".

And I don't have the the other two apps you mention.

I've conducted hundreds of hours of my own testing and have concluded that the proprietary Sprint communications driver are not robust enough to maintain data connections, even with their own CDMA cell towers.

I'm a now very leary of Samsung most recent annoucement that htey're releasing a "Moment 2".

So soon?!?

This lends me to suspect that the problems that I continue to experience are hardware related and that my next replacement may have to be a new "Moment 2", as the "Moment Sr." is on it's way out




Re: Samsung Moment - losing service due to apps?

I know this is an older thread, but I am experiencing this issue as well. Originally I thought it was actually due to the 2.1 update (which I am running) but I see now that it existed before.

I only have 2 apps that are the same as original poster:

Jewel and weather widgets.

No app for task management of any kind (just whatever is oem installed).

My only current resolution is to power down and the power up the phone.


Re: Samsung Moment - losing service due to apps?


The problem is not application-related or even Android-related. It is a hardware problem, but not even WiFi or Bluetooth-related.  It is a hardware problem with the cellular CDMA radio chip.  My guess is that is could probably be fixed with a firmware update for this chip, but, unfortunately, there is no mechanism for doing this.   Like I've said, I've had this problem on five different Samsung Moment phone (two of them brand new, the rest refurbs).

The UAM (Unwanted-Airplane-Mode) problem occurred on everyone of them, regardless of applications installed/used, and with/without Bluetooth/WiFi, etc.   I confirmed many times using many different scenarios that when the condition occurs, every feature could be brought back to normal use EXCEPT the cellular radio.  But a battery pull was not always required, a simple power OFF/back ON would reset the CDMA radio into working again.  But who wanted to live with that.  It's not just the time inconvenience of waiting on the re-cycle, it's the inconvenience and possibly DANGER of not knowing when or for how long your phone has put itself into this state.  How many important or URGENT texts or calls might your have missed.    Or (God forbid) you find yourself in a horrible accident or your loved-one is dying or some other emergency and you desperately need to call 911, but first you have to reboot your phone!!!!   I think it's only a matter of time before Sprint and/or Samung could be hit a significant lawsuit on their hands.




Re: Samsung Moment - losing service due to apps?

Should I then try to get them to upgrade it to Epic 4g instead then. If its a design problem with the phone? Have you had any luck with them acknowledging that the phone is defective then?


Re: Samsung Moment - losing service due to apps?

You could try asking for an Epic 4g, but I doubt they would.

The EVO 4g was available during my exchange,

but they would only offer me the Blackberry Tour or the HTC Hero.

I thought I made a pretty good argument against their offering, but they wouldn't budge.

I accepted the Hero, but I did convince them into also providing me with a nice case and extra battery to go with it,

because of the extra batteries, case, etc. that I had laready invested with the lemon Moment.

I got them to admit that the UAM was a known problem with "some" Moments.

I am convinced it is with ALL Moments, and those users not experienceing the problem just are not very heavy/serious users.

More than Sprint representative did also admit that the problem would NOT be fixed.

I do miss my physical keyboard, but I'm am learning to live without it.

However, (part of my rgument for the EVO 4g) I would not even care or need the keyboard with a larger screen, because the virtual keyboard would be a lot more useable.

I would not recommmend another Samsung phone to anyone.

As farThey completely dropped the ball on their very first attempt at an Android device.

They could have made a really good first impression, but they blew it.

You are certainly entitled to a replacement phone.

Maybe they'd offer you the EVO now, since it's been out a little while.


Re: Samsung Moment - losing service due to apps?

Thanks, I will try to see what replacement I can get. Maybe I can pursuade them with a small amount of money for a better upgrade.

Are there specific things I should say to shortcut to getting them to agree to the replacement?


Re: Samsung Moment - losing service due to apps?

Just tell them the truth.

If they resist and they only offer to replace the phone with another Moment,

then, over time and several more replacements, they will come realize their mistake.


Re: Samsung Moment - losing service due to apps?

My Epic has similar problems.  Sometimes I can put it into and out of airplane mode and get my signal back.  Sometimes it stalls going into airplane mode and I have to reboot.

The wifi also frequently drops.  Once I couldn't turn on 4g till I rebooted.  Once I couldn't turn on GPS till I turned something else off.

But they have a lot invested in this phone, so I expect it will be fixed.  I just hope it's not hardware.

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