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Samsung moment issue with app store


Samsung moment issue with app store

I had an issue with the samsung moment app store everytime I tried to log in to app store it would prompt me to log in, when i log im it would indicate there was a problem with my sim card and no data connection.  Our phones dont have sim cards, what i did i returned to best buy after speaking with customer support and discovered it was an issue with the phone, replaced the phone and know it works fine.  If you have this issue most likely you have to replace the phone specially if you just got one within 30 days.


Re: Samsung moment issue with app store

Are you able to sign into gmail from a PC browser?  If so, i've heard of mobile accounts getting locked like this.

try the following:

-- Reconfigure Google account by Settings > Applications > Manage applications, Google Apps > Clear data > OK.

--you can then reconfig your google account by  Settings > Data synchronization > Google

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