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Screen does not turn on during a phone call intermittently


Screen does not turn on during a phone call intermittently

I know myself and many other users on different forums, hopefully some on here, can confirm that there is a delay of 5-10 seconds from when the phone is actually ringing to where we can pick it up or have the screen turn on so we can see it.  Just the other day I was not able to pick up a phone call.  I actually had to send the call to voicemail and see who it was so I could call them back.  I have read that the issue is with the proximity sensor which makes sense to me because when i hold the phone physically in my hand tilted i noticed the screen will turn on, just like in a phone call.  This is not a good issue because I want to be able to see who is calling me before I pick up and not have to worry about picking up in time.  Please fix this in the next update, I am running CL14 and I can confirm that this issue is recurring from CJ05.

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