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Solution for Moment Data Lock Up! (UAM UAD)


Solution for Moment Data Lock Up! (UAM UAD)

I have a Samsung Moment, which often has a data lock up, where there is no connection.  I've seen this problem being called "Unwanted Airplane Mode (UAM)" and "Up Arrow of Death (UAD)".  Thus far, I have not discovered a clear and consistent solution to this issue.  That is, until now! 

The Sprint Store technician replaced my phone, but that did not fix the problem. Then they said it must not be a hardware problem, and I must have downloaded a program that messed up the phone's connection.  However, a factory reset phone will still lock up.  I noticed folks were saying that it has something to do with WIFI, which I tend to agree.  However, it doesn't stick on WIFI, it sticks on EVDO.

Thus, the solution is very simple: don't connect to EVDO.  I have been going all day without a single data lock up.

Here are the instructions:

1. From the dialer, dial: ##DEBUG# (which is ##33284#).

2. Enter your 6 digit MSL.  If you do not know your MSL, just get it from Sprint.  It's not some kind of super-secret code that they try to keep under wraps, so don't worry.  They will happily provide the number because Sprint has great customer service. They may ask why you need it.  I told the representative that I wanted to program my phone.

3. From the HDR/1x Selection screen, select "CDMA Only Mode", then OK.

4. Reboot your phone

Now, you can enjoy Wifi at home, and never lock up away from home! Of course the data connection is slower when on 1x mode.  I'm willing sacrifice so that I don't have to reboot 4 times per day.  I hope this works for you, too!


Re: Solution for Moment Data Lock Up! (UAM UAD)

I knew I should have waited until tomorrow! Gaah! I've been going all day on 1x mode, then less than an hour after making that post, I managed to get the Up Arrow of Death.  I apologize if I wasted your time.  I was just excited to share my "solution," and now I'm red in the face.  It's back to square one.  I hope somebody else is more fortunate.

I suppose the next best thing is still:

1. Turn off wifi

2. Reboot your phone

Do this everytime your wifi get's enabled, whether or not you actually connect to a network. Sorry.


Re: Solution for Moment Data Lock Up! (UAM UAD)

Don't fret, don't feel bad.   You genuinely thought you had the solution.

Sprint and Samsung have not figured it out, so I would not feel bad.    At this point in time I am on my 5th phone since January, my 4th since July 2.   This latest phone still locks up, just like all those before it.

The Sprint Repair Center manager said they cannot replace the phone with anything other than a Moment unless I have had 3 exchanges in 6 months.   He said they would replace it if it failed again, with the Samsung  Intercept, a smaller version of the Moment.   I said that would not work for me since my eyes just BARELY see the fonts now.   I would not want to go backward.

So I am HOPING that when the Epic is released these folks will allow me to swap for it.    At this point I'd be willing to cough up a little $$ to get the Epic, but not willing to pay full price.

My preference would be for them to take the Moment back, credit my account the original purchase price from January ($299) and reset my eligibility to let me get a new phone.

Do you think I'll get even close to that?    Probably not... at least that is my thought.


Re: Solution for Moment Data Lock Up! (UAM UAD)

Here I go again.  My internet has been working fine today, even after leaving the Wifi network.  I don't believe it is a hardware issue, that's why I mess around with the settings.  I'll do my best to retrace my steps:

1. From the dialer, dial ##DEBUG#

2. Enter the MSL

3. In the Korea mode section, it will appear as if there has been no selection.  Select Korea mode.  After all, isn't it called Korea mode?

4. Reboot the phone

5. Data will not work now.  Korea mode was a mistake. oops. Now what? Dial ##DEBUG#, enter your MSL, and select Sprint mode instead of Korea mode.  After rebooting, the connection still did not work. FAIL!

6. From the dialer, dial ##DATA#

7. Select Restore

8. Enter MSL and the phone will reboot automatically

9. The phone deleted the activation credentials and tries to reactivate, but cannot retrieve the activation credentials because the network doesn't work. oops.  Two wrongs don't make a right. sorry.

10. Perhaps three wrongs make a right?  I read online that someone had to do a factory reset when they selected to Enable HFA. I have nothing to lose now.  Thus, from the dialer, dial ##DATA# and enable HFA.

11. The phone resets, connects to the network and automatically activates your phone again!

My phone has been working fine today.  Yesterday, when I made this same comment, my phone quickly failed.  I'll keep you updated!

by the way:  When I check the Korea mode from the debug menu, it's still in "Sprint Mode". Weird.


Re: Solution for Moment Data Lock Up! (UAM UAD)

It failed again.


Re: Solution for Moment Data Lock Up! (UAM UAD)

A tale humorous yet poignant.


Re: Solution for Moment Data Lock Up! (UAM UAD)

There appears to be a software fix available.

SprintCares wrote: "The problem you are experiencing with your Samsung Moment is a known issue.  In an effort to resolve this issue, it would need to be taken to a Sprint Service & Repair store to ensure that the device is upgraded with the proper software fix."


Re: Solution for Moment Data Lock Up! (UAM UAD)

Sounds a lot like a variation on what they've been telling people forever now.  The software "fix" is probably a 2.1 reflash.  If you do try it, let us know what they do.


Re: Solution for Moment Data Lock Up! (UAM UAD)

I brought my Moment into the Sprint Store to ensure it has been upgraded with the appropriate software fix.  The Sprint representative reviewed my phone information (Menu, Settings, About Phone) and told me that I have the latest software.  No upgrade or update was necessary, and he handed the phone back.  I was hopeful because the phone did not fail yesterday evening.

However, the phone failed this morning approximately 1 hour after leaving my home wifi network, sometime between 9:30 and 9:45.  It still shows 100% signal strength, but there is no connection to the network for text messages, phone calls, or data connection.


Re: Solution for Moment Data Lock Up! (UAM UAD)


It worked for me...


Re: Solution for Moment Data Lock Up! (UAM UAD)

Why haven't Sprint or Samsung fixed this issue?  I have only had my Samsung Moment since May and I am about to get the phone replaced for a second time because of the data lock up issue.  It is not a reasonable solution for you to turn off the 3G or the WI-FI on your phone.  Why else did we purchase the smart phone... it was for all of those cool features of surfing the web at lightning speeds and of course being able to place and receive calls.

I am a big fan of the android operating system and actually would be in love with my phone if it wasn't for the fact that I have no idea whether or not my phone is going to lock up on me.  I have to rely on my phone for business and I have missed several calls from clients.  It is not acceptable that so many people have this issue and it is just being swept under the rug....especially with the announcement that the Moment isn't going to receive the FroYo update.  So we all just get to keep footing our monthly bill with a dysfunctional product while Samsung and Sprint get to issue out new devices that we will go running to buy?  I am sorry, but I think that is ridiculous.  We all were sold a malfunctioning product that was never fixed.  The only people who I have run into that have not experienced this problem are the people who purchased their Samsung Moment solely for talking on the telephone.

Sprint/Samsung need to make amends.  This phone should be replaced with a fixed alternative, a better upgrade, or a discount towards exchanging our phone to something that works.  I was suckered into this by the great min/data plan.  But what is the use of a great min/data plan if the phone has a fatal flaw and you are stuck with it.  I hope someone is listening, because this message is going viral.


Re: Solution for Moment Data Lock Up! (UAM UAD)

Excerpt from Samsung's Warranty Page....  See the highlighted texts below.  The phones are defective.  And they are being replaced with more defective phones.  Samsung is not holding up their end of the bargain.  They made a mistake in the phone, that is understandable, but we the user's shouldn't continue to be penalized for that mistake.

Section 1: Warranty Information

Standard Limited Warranty

What is Covered and For How Long?
SAMSUNG TELECOMMUNICATIONS AMERICA, L.P. ("SAMSUNG") warrants to the original purchaser ("Purchaser") that SAMSUNG's Phones and accessories ("Products") are free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service for the period commencing upon the date of purchase and continuing for the following specified period of time after that date:

Leather Case/Pouch/Holster
Other Phone Accessories
1 Year
1 Year
90 Days
90 Days
1 Year

What is Not Covered? This Limited Warranty is conditioned upon proper use of Product by

Purchaser. This Limited Warranty does not cover: (a) defects or damage resulting from

accident, misuse, abnormal use, abnormal conditions, improper storage, exposure to

moisture or dampness, neglect, unusual physical, electrical or electromechanical stress, or

defects in appearance, cosmetic, decorative or structural items, including framing, and any

non-operative parts unless caused by SAMSUNG; (b) defects or damage resulting from

excessive force or use of a metallic object when pressing on a touch screen; (c) equipment

that has the serial number or the enhancement data code removed, defaced, damaged,

altered or made illegible; (d) any plastic surfaces or other externally exposed parts that are

scratched or damaged due to normal use; (e) malfunctions resulting from the use of Product

in conjunction or connection with accessories, products, or ancillary/peripheral equipment

not furnished or approved by SAMSUNG; (f) defects or damage from improper testing,

operation, maintenance, installation, service, or adjustment not furnished or approved by

SAMSUNG; (g) defects or damage from external causes such as collision with an object, or

from fire, flooding, sand, dirt, windstorm, lightning, earthquake, or from exposure to weather

conditions, or battery leakage, theft, blown fuse, or improper use of any electrical source; (h)

defects or damage caused by cellular signal reception or transmission, or viruses or other

software problems introduced into the Product; (j) any other acts which are not the fault of SAMSUNG; or (i) Product used or purchased outside the United States. This Limited Warranty

covers batteries only if battery capacity falls below 80% of rated capacity or the battery

leaks, and this Limited Warranty does not cover any battery if (i) the battery has been

charged by a battery charger not specified or approved by SAMSUNG for charging the

battery, (ii) any of the seals on the battery are broken or show evidence of tampering, or (iii)

the battery has been used in equipment other than the SAMSUNG phone for which it is


What are SAMSUNG's Obligations? During the applicable warranty period, SAMSUNG

will repair or replace, at SAMSUNG's sole option, without charge to Purchaser, any

defective component part of Product. To obtain service under this Limited

Warranty, Purchaser must return Product to an authorized phone service facility in

an adequate container for shipping, accompanied by Purchaser's sales receipt or

comparable substitute proof of sale showing the original date of purchase, the

serial number of Product and the sellers' name and address. To obtain assistance

on where to deliver the Product, call Samsung Customer Care at 1-888-987-4357.

Upon receipt, SAMSUNG will promptly repair or replace the defective Product.

SAMSUNG may, at SAMSUNG's sole option, use rebuilt, reconditioned, or new parts

or components when repairing any Product or replace Product with a rebuilt,

reconditioned or new Product. Repaired/replaced cases, pouches and holsters will

be warranted for a period of ninety (90) days. All other repaired/replaced Product

will be warranted for a period equal to the remainder of the original Limited

Warranty on the original Product or for 90 days, whichever is longer. All replaced

parts, components, boards and equipment shall become the property of SAMSUNG.

If SAMSUNG determines that any Product is not covered by this Limited Warranty,

Purchaser must pay all parts, shipping, and labor charges for the repair or return of

such Product.

this can be found at Samsungs website...

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