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Sprint, Nuance and Google support are clueless


Sprint, Nuance and Google support are clueless

Here are my issues,

1. Google Android 2.1 update didn't fix anything

2. Sprint, Google and Nuance support is Null

Why, do you say?

Well My Samsung Moment had CL1.4 and everything worked fine. I bought the phone because it was the only Android phone with Bluetooth voice dial which is a must in my profession (truck driver).

When I read that the Android 2.1 update would enhance the Bluetooth, I waited patiently to get it, then when it was available, BAMM, the Bluetooth voice dial quit working. Everyone is clueless as to what happened. Now I have to wait a week for Sprint to order me a new Moment just to see if it was the phone. I suspect I will be moving to a whole different phone to have access to this most important feature.

Truely, since this was the reason for me purchasing this phone and it doesn't work now, I think Sprint should offer me the move to a new phone for free provided I don't get one more expensive than the Moment.

Edited Sept-11-2010

I found the answer.

You may not like the solution but, it works. I hope you have a seperate email with your contacts email.

Login to your Gmail account and remove all emails associated to them.

Go into your contacts on the phone and remove all the emails for them also.

After you do that the BT voice dial WILL work.

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Re: Sprint, Nuance and Google support are clueless

Yep 2.1 Broke the nuance thing. It does not work on my phone anymore too.


Re: Sprint, Nuance and Google support are clueless

Well, Nuance was horrible before the OS update, and is perhaps more horrible now, I suppose.  It is a worthless ap.  We can only hope that some developer creates a voice dialer for Android which will work on the Moment.  The Nuance application is just beyond worthless -- because it is a time sink until you finally give up on it.

And this is true whether you are using it with Bluetooth or not ... just in a quiet room, after training, the recognized names it comes up with are generally not even remotely close to what I said.  Junk software.  Should have never been in the rom.


Re: Sprint, Nuance and Google support are clueless

I found the answer to the Android 2.1 update and BT voice dialing problem.

Your Gmail account has duplicate entries or you merged duplicate entries within Gmail causing the problem. If you merged duplicate entries, it cannot be reversed thus creating a new account will fix it.

Here is what I done.

1. I created a new Gmail account

2. I manually added all the contacts entries so I didn't have any duplicates. DO NOT IMORT YOUR CONTACTS FROM YOUR CURRENT ACCOUNT.

3. I logged out of my current Gmail account

4. Reset phone to factory settings in menu, This is a must to use the new Gmail account. If you just add a new account, you just make it worse.

5. Logged into new Gmail account

6. Tested BT voice dial, confirmed working

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Re: Sprint, Nuance and Google support are clueless

Your work-around fixed my voice dial issue 100%. The only problem now is that any application(s) that I had purchased under my original gmail account, is now not recognized by the new gmail account and my $40 worth of apps will need to be repurchased. Talked with Kristi from Sprint tonight (left her operator number out of this response) and was told the equivalent of "too bad so sad - and to repurchase the apps).

So far ignoring this issue must be working for Sprint! They were the one's that I purchased the phone from, not Nuance or Samsung!

They need a little customer service...I made the error of thinking they were concerned.

If there is another fix for this Nuance/Samsung/Sprint voice dial issue, please post!

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