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Text/E-mail alert problems?


Text/E-mail alert problems?

So I bought my first Moment about 2 weeks ago.  Been having problems with it.  Took it in last night to the store and today they gave me a new phone today stating that my phone had "errors we've never seen before" and that they had no idea how to fix them.

My phones internal storage randomly filled up and no matter how much I took off, it stayed full.

Anyways, this is an issue I noticed right away with the first phone, and I'm already noticing with this one.  Anyone know of any fixes?

The issue is that my phone doesn't always alert/vibrate when I get new e-mail or texts.  The visual notice is there, but it doesn't always make the sound.  I would say only 1 out of every 3 alerts makes the sound/vibrate.

Anyone got any ideas?

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