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Text Messaging issues with my Samsung Moment?!?


Text Messaging issues with my Samsung Moment?!?

Hello to all of you reading this.

I have had my Moment for about 2 months now and some days i'm ready to throw it against the wall!!  Lately, I've been having problems texting, and it's only to 1 person. My finace changed his number, so I added the new one in... discovering that you HAVE to put the area code in the phone as well or it won't send the text... well, I did that, and now EVERY TIME I get a message from him, it takes the area code off of the number (where it displays on the message) and I have to compose a new message, select his contact, type the message and send it... EVERY TIME! I can not simply read my message and reply, it does not work! Can anyone please help me fix this issue.... and like I said, it is ONLY him. I've already erased his contact info, restarted my phone, and re-entered it. Still does it... i'm at a loss... I'm planning on doing the update tonight, but I'm highly doubtful that this will help either!!


Re: Text Messaging issues with my Samsung Moment?!?

I'm having the same issue with only one number. It's frustrating when you think you've sent the text to then realize it didn't have the area code and therefore didn't go through. Please help me resolve this issue.

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