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Undeletable Apps HORRIBLE Idea, Sprint


Undeletable Apps HORRIBLE Idea, Sprint

The whole point of these Android phones is to have a phone that is 100% customizeable to the user.  That is how they are advertised, and that is the whole point of the phone.

It is a tragedy that we cannot delete NFL, NASCAR or Bejeweled Applications without getting into the codes of the phone and voiding the warranty.  I'm a girl, totally uninterested in NASCAR or NFL, and I have no desire to play Bejeweled.  Yet, I have to live with these applications on my phone?  Why?

I don't care how much they paid in advertising fees to have the app on the phone.  At least when I buy a Dell, I can delete the stupid games and stuff I don't want.

Fail, Sprint.  Total fail.

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