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Update is a step backwards in one aspect...


Update is a step backwards in one aspect...

Why do I have to unlock the screen by pressing Menu just to see who's calling? How is this better? In my opinion, this is a huge step backwards. Which is sad since everything else about the update is amazing. I have yet to ever see a phone where you have to unlock the screen just to see who's calling. Same thing with alarms. Am I missing a new setting somewhere or is this REALLY what Samsung decided to do? Maybe someone can explain to me how this is better...


Re: Update is a step backwards in one aspect...

I have no clue. It is annoying.  It's like they are begging us to root our phones. The menu button was suppose to stop us from being able to dial 911.  But if I hit menu in my pocket it wouldn't take much more to hit the 911 button....

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