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Update on Airplane mode and Data Lockup issues?


Update on Airplane mode and Data Lockup issues?

Hey Sprint:  How about an official update and ETA on when the Airplane Mode and Data Lockup issues with the Samsung Moment will be fixed?  I purchased two Samsung Moments in November 2009 and it is now almost 10 months later and I still have phones that do not work as advertised.

As a new Sprint customer me and my wife are very dissapointed in the phones we were sold and the service/support from Sprint.  At this point I cannot wait for my contract to expire!!


I would also like to see some sort of update.

I've been jacked around by Sprint at all levels, ranging from In-store, to customer service, to technical support, to account services, to executive services, etc.

I'm sick of getting the run-around. After 6 years with this company, I finally understand why people complain about the customer service.

I am just about done writing out a complaint that I will be sending to the BBB, the FCC, and the Consumerist.

I seriously doubt that there will be an acceptable fix for this phone. The processor on it is guaranteed by Samsung to run at a MAXIMUM of 667mhz. That same chip is overclocked to 800mhz in the Moment. Overclocking is likely causing an inherent system instability. I say this because some of the people at SDX have noticed that the data lockups are eliminated by underclocking the processor. Underclocking is so effective at eliminating data lockups that it is included as a feature in the m900 Wireless Tether app.

If the data lockups are due to an overclocked processor, the only solution to the problem would be to force all Moment owners to reduce the clock rate on their phones' processors. Sprint/Samsung know that this is unacceptable, and will likely result in a forced exchange a la the one they had to do with the Touch Pro. Thus, neither company is likely to be inclined to admit to a problem.

Sprint Product Ambassador

I can't officially say anything.

However, I am unofficially aware that Sprint and Samsung have gathered a ton of data, are working in the lab to solve the problem.

I have asked for more information, but there's nothing more we can share at this point.

We have to play by the rules here.

Thanks for the post and thanks for the continued interest in getting this fixed.  If we hadn't had customers like you reporting the problem, documenting the issue, and pushing for a fix, it'd never have been brought to light.  You are genuinely helping us make a better product.


Product Ambassador, long time Sprint employee

Yeah, right Will!!!  My phone has been to SAMSUNG twice now.  They at least act clueless.  Then, your tech support acts as if there isn't a problem (I and my supervisor have the moment and there is no problem", then when the bluff is called during the SAME CALL says, "Sprint and Samsung are working hard on a resolution."


I would have to believe that if Samsung (experts on the hardware) and Sprint (experts on the network) actually put their heads together, determining the fix to this problem would be no problem and it would have been solved by now.  In my opinion, the phone is inherently flawed, and any real fix is therefore an impossibility.


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