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Upload photos and have them automatically put on a map


Upload photos and have them automatically put on a map

I've checked the settings in my phone and camera. The latter is set to include location info in the pictures. The former seems to be finding my location just fine. However, when I send the pic to picassa, I don't see the info being automatically read.

Is there anyone out there who is currently uploading pictures from their samsung moment to a web site and having them automagically put on a map?

I will be doing a presentation next week on using mobile devices for teaching and learning and I would love to demonstrate this facility if I can get a smooth process going.

Thank you!


Got this figured out.

After making sure you location sources are on

Moment > Settings > Security and location

Picasa > Settings > Privacy and Permissions

Learn more


Account Info > Privacy and Permissions > Defaults for New Uploads

Who will be able to see your stuff on a mapAnyoneedit
Import EXIF location data [?]Yes

IMPORTANT NOTE: it seems right now, that even if you have your Moment locations on, if you don't first locate yourself on Maps, you may well not get any location data, or you may get incorrect data. To be sure you will have accurate location data in your picture, do the location first then take the pic. Less than optimal, but in my few tests today, it bore out as a solution.

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