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We're on our third Moment and it's failing also


We're on our third Moment and it's failing also

My Moment began failing last night.  This is after it started becoming sluggish  over the past few days.  I've reset it and pulled the battery numerous times over the past few days.  This is the third Moment we've had problems with.  My ATT Blackberry Bold was far more reliable a device as was my Wife's IPhone...We're beginning to question our switch to Sprint.  Has anyone else had significant problems with the Moment?


I notice sluggish performance when the phone is running a data connection while I'm performing other tasks.  For example, I may download an app from the market, and then open a different application while waiting for the download/install.  Or, during auto-sync times my phone can be slower.  However, overall, I am satisfied with the performance (not considering UAM - Unwanted Airplane Mode).

Consider reducing the number of applications that automatically update themselves.  For example, the weather app may be following your location, multiple mail apps may be checking for new mail, autosync may be running.  Also, consider the UAM problem that occurs when Wifi is enabled and you are connected to EVDO.  The phone may appear sluggish as it tries to find a data connection that doesn't exist.  In addition, following post claims that task killers can hurt performance:

As phones become more complicated and capable, the folks using them have to become more involved with all the specifics of their operation.  For geeks like me, we enjoy customizing and tweaking settings to maximize performance for our personal tastes.  However, the general public may want the phone to be automatically suited to them.  Perhaps a phone with fewer options would be a better choice, like a Blackberry.

Sprint offers Blackberries.  According to my research, Sprint offers the lowest cost plan to fit my mobile phone needs, so your switch to Sprint may be a good one.  It may just be that the phone you selected does not fit your needs.  Since it has only been a few days, perhaps swap your phone out for a Blackberry before the 30 day deadline.

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