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Where are my attachments?


Where are my attachments?

OK, I've had the Moment for a week now, and I've spent most of that time looking for workarounds for a variety of glitches, bugs and omissions that any self respecting manufacturer (hello Samsung) or carrier (hello Sprint) would have resolved before putting this product on the market. I'm really trying to like this phone, but I'm almost out of patience and this close to turning it back in and returning to BlackBerry.

Here's a Moment issue that simply defies me (and an IT expert who spent an hour with my phone today):

If someone emails you a photo, the Moment gives you two choices: view and save.

If I view the photo, I can edit the size of the image on the Moment's screen but then...nothing. No menu options to name it, store it, email it, etc. Nada. It just disappears.

If I save the photo, the Moment again offers me no menu options to name it or file it. Instead, it automatically gives it the default name NULL and then flashes a message that the photo's on the MicroSD card. But when I go to the Gallery or to the File Viewer, the photo's not there. No where.

So...where the heck is my downloaded photo and how to I access it? Surely, Samsung doesn't expect me to cable my phone to my desktop and search the phone's MicroSD card every single time someone sends me a photo or a file. Right?



Re: Where are my attachments?

have you try to find it with file viewer?

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Re: Where are my attachments?

Yes, we tried File Viewer. Emailed photo attachments do not show up there at all.

Surely, some owners of the Samsung Moment have received emailed photos that they tried to save and then find and access. Can anyone tell me how they managed to do it?


Re: Where are my attachments?

OK, I stand corrected. Or at least partly corrected.

The problem seemed to be that the emailed photo I was using as a test was delivered with a naming convention (from a friend's BlackBerry) that the Samsung Moment didn't like. Therefore, it assigned the file name "nullX" to it. (With X being a number assigned to each attempt.)

File Viewer would not display the various null files. It did, however, display subsequent photos that I emailed to myself - photos that had more conventional file names. And when I mounted the Moment to my computer (more on this in a...moment), I could see the "nullX" files on the MicroSD card.

So...the thing is still buggy. Why won't the Moment's File Viewer display the null names given to files by the Moment itself? Who knows. Just another failure of Samsung's software engineers.

As for mounting (connecting) the Moment to my home computer, I've had to do this to three different computers (an XP laptop, a Win7 laptop and most recently a Win7 desktop). Each time, it required a different workaround.

Major tip: If your computer is having trouble recognizing the Moment (even after you download and run the driver installation - why in God's name do you have to do that - shouldn't that happen automatically when you first plug in your Moment?):

- Go to the phone's menu.

- Hit Settings

- Find Applications and touch it.

- Find Development and touch it.

- Go to USB debugging and uncheck it.

Chances are you will see an icon in the phone's upper bar Notifications area. Follow the directions and, voila, your phone should be visible to your computer.

Naturally, there is absolutely no advice from this in the phone's user manual or online at Samsung or Sprint.


(Next up for me: Figuring out why our Yahoo mail stops downloading when we turn on the Moment's Wi-Fi tool.)

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