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Why is there no sound on my videos??


Why is there no sound on my videos??

Okay, so I figured out how to find the videos that are on my phone when I have it plugged into my computer, but why is there no sound on my videos??  There is sound on  my phone, and there is sound when I upload from my phone straight to  youtube, but when I get it off my phone on to the computer, there is no  sound.  And, yes, the sound on my computer is on....

When I open the video in Quick Time there's sound, but in anything else there is no sound...  So open the attachment in Windows Media and you'll see what I'm talking about.  Do I need to change the file format for the sound to work in all the players?

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Re: Why is there no sound on my videos??

I already answered your question in your other thread here it is again:

What media player are u using to watch the videos? I ask because the video format is 3gpp a mobile phone format and windows media player does not support that format. VLC player will play the picture but not sound for 3gpp format.  I use QuickTime player to watch my phone videos


Re: Why is there no sound on my videos??

If u want to convert your file into something that will play on other media players i suggest Pazera free 3gp to avi converter 1.3. It also does mpg. Avi and mpg format is supported by most media players

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Re: Why is there no sound on my videos??

Absolutely right.  The Moment records in 3GPP format with an odd audio codec that isn't widely supported.  The above mentioned programs will play and convert your videos.

Personally, I use Quicktime Pro ($29) to convert from oddball 3GPP formats to MPEG-4.

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