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"Quick Launch" Settings on Samsung Moment - Where??


"Quick Launch" Settings on Samsung Moment - Where??

I saw these articles:

And they talk about:

Settings -> Applications -> Quick Launch

Settings -> Application Settings -> Quick Launch

But I don't see this "Quick Launch" anywhere?!?

Does it not exist on the Moment?

That 2nd article is from Feb 2009, so I'd think it would/should exist on Android 1.5 which is what the Samsung Moment (currently) has..


Re: "Quick Launch" Settings on Samsung Moment - Where??

I guess they removed the way to get to it in the settings menu, but you can still change the shortcuts and the menu for changing it still exists.

Using the applications AnyCut or BetterCut, you can get to this settings menu.

You can also use the program "Task Switcher" which includes a shortcut to the settings menu.

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