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Improving Battery Life Tip with Google Talk - Samsung Moment SCH-M900 Issue If the customer does not use the Google Talk ("Talk" in Android 2.1) Instant Messaging service, it can be disabled for a substantial improvement to battery life. This service is turned ON by default on all Android devices. NOTE: Battery drainage with this application will vary per user depending on the amount of Gmail contacts saved on the device. Resolution To disable the Google Instant Messaging service please follow these steps: For Android 2.1 1. From the home screen, slide open the Menu Tree 2. Select Talk 3. Select Menu 4. Select More 5. Select Settings 6. Uncheck all available options 7. Press the Back key once 8. Navigate to the Google Talk friends list screen and select Menu 9. Select More 10. Select Sign Out For Android 1.5 1. From the home screen, slide open the Menu Tree 2. Select Google Talk 3. Follow steps 3-10 above © Samsung Telecommunications America 2010. All rights reserved.
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