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using the moment as a mp3 player?


using the moment as a mp3 player?

i just got a samsung moment.  i had the instinct before i got this phone.  i really love this pnone! but... i'm having problems using the phone as an mp3 player.  with the instinct all i did was plug and play on the sprint media manager. when i plugged in my instinct it loaded the manager from offline for me and everything.  this phone doesnt do anything when i plug it in except charge...  is there a player i need? or so i need an app or some kind of softwear i'm unaware of?  if anyone can help i would greatly appreciate.  i use my phone for music more then anything so its getting hard to adjust.  thanks!!


Re: using the moment as a mp3 player?


sorry u are havin  probs. I'm not sure what u are asking because i never had an instinct. All mp3 whether u dl from phone or u transfer from the pc go on the sd card, that is where they are stored. The stock music app will display all playable audio formats like mp3's and u just press play them. There are also different music apps u can dl that may look a little different and easier to use but they still only play mp3 from your sd card.

lots of people have trouble getting the moment to sync with the pc thru the usb cable at first, so they can put music on the sd card. If this is your prob plug the phone into the computer with the usb cable= then turn the phone off= then turn it back on still pluged in, this should download the drivers to your computer so u can sync the phone to pc= if it works corectly there should be a new option in the notification bar on the phone that says usb connected= press it= then option comes up that says mount press that= now on your pc removable disk should pop up= left click open file folders= now u are in the sd card and can add whatever music u want and it will show up in the music app so u can play it.

Hope that helps

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