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So I dont know if this just a moment issue, or network as whole. I sill cannot access on my phone to access my account. Been back and forth with tech and chat, advanced tech..... Any answers? Still can access net through google search. Someone help cause sprint has no answers




sorry for your problems but i can access it just fine. If u have the moment then just go to thats what i do. The moment displays exactlly like a computer would


Re: is not the site you need to go to for account informatiom, All that is there is News,Sports,Entertainment,Money links. The URL you want is It is a mobile version of the MySprint site to check your minutes of use and more.

It's still in beta but it seems to work well.



Hey thanks for the response, and i was checking it through the website which works fine, but actually fixed my problem myself. Had to be in browser and then in browser settings, clear cache,clear history, check homepage again, and the kicker have to allow cookie data. When I did all that I tried without allowing cookies and did not work, then allowed cookies again and worked. Sounds almost to simple but hey I will take it. Thanks



You are very correct, and that works just fine to. But if you check my repsonse to barker005 I seemed to figure it out, and it was just as simple as allowing cookies in the browser settings. I tried allowing and then not allowing, and wala it works when you allow and doesn't when you don't. But hey I appeciate the feed back.

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