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what is the sprint smtp server?

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what is the sprint smtp server?

I have a work account, that is an .edu account. I'm configuring the account as an IMAP, and I need to use the phone provider's smtp outgoing server setting. I can't seem to get anyone over the phone at Sprint to help me. They are really good at dropping the call and leaving people alone on the other side. Bad customer service... Can anyone here help me?


--Stella. (my phone is the Epic 4g).

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Re: what is the sprint smtp server?

Unfortunately it didn't work. I tried, I tried (and .com), nothing like that works.




Re: what is the sprint smtp server?

Sprint's email server IS // However, for that to work, you will need to logon to your account. You must also be an administrator which you will know you are if you can see your billing information. Once you've logged in, go to preferences, and look for "change email server password".  These will be the settings you use in your outgoing settings. There's no correct answer for the password, just minimum 6 characters. Also, be sure to change your outgoing username in your phone to whatever you see as "Your SMTP username:" This process sort of sets up an account for customers to use for outgoing email. It has no incoming functionality anymore.


Re: what is the sprint smtp server?

This worked. I would have NEVER figured that out.

Thanks so much.Our PCS account is so old, I never thought this would be used for anything.

Thanks a lot.

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