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Battery Life


Battery Life

OK, I was MORE than excited about this phone, but right about now I'd like to chunk it in the lake! The battery life on this thing is ATROCIOUS! I have yet to go one full day with ANY juice left by quitting time. I have the solar charger as well, and I work OUT DOORS... doesn't matter, doesn't help. From everything I've read, the trick is to turn everything "non essential" off to save battery. Um... I'm sorry, but what the *bleep* is the point of having this fancy awesome phone with all it's apps and wonderment if I CAN'T USE IT!?!

I love the concept, hate the product! That's it Sprint... I tried, but this sucker is going back!!


Battery Life

Which handset do you have Shannon? In either case, Yes Smart phone's do definitely use more battery life than non-smartphones but it depends on which handset you have to help you on saving you battery life.

Did You know?

One tip is that smartphones with the new Dual-Core processors use less ram on actions taken which improves battery life.

Most Programs you've read about to be killed are disabling Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS & 4G while not necessary, Other's are higher Data Intensive applications such as Pandora, Navigation Applications etc.

Many Smartphones have optional 'Extended Life' batteries available at a very low cost via merchants such as or Ebay.


Battery Life

I bought the Samsung Replenish. This isn't the first smart phone I've had... so I realize the battery life isn't going to be as stellar as some non smart phones can be, but this is just ridiculous. The battery is generally dead before noon.. this thing isn't much more than a fancy paper weight come lunch time!

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