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Camera Freezes


Camera Freezes

Does anyone know why the camera screen on my new Samsung Replenish freezes seconds after I turn the camera on?  I have not been able to take one picture since the Sprint Store sold me this dud in October.


Re: Camera Freezes

You may have already tried all this, But if you have not. Assure that you have the memory card in the phone .Power the phone off for at least 1 min and then retry. Also try to refresh the application itself for the camera by going into Menu > Settings > Applications > Manage applications > Select the all tab/show all > scroll down to Camera, then there should be option for either clear cache/data or delete cache/data, select that then retry the camera again. If that still doesn't resolve the issue we may need to perform full reset on the phone which will reload the software.If you are still having problems it sounds like the camera maybe defective on this phone. I would suggest you take the phone into a sprint service and repair center. You can find a store by going to Enter your zip code and select


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