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Connecting Replenish to computer via USB


Connecting Replenish to computer via USB

My computer (several in fact) has been unable to recognize my Replenish. There are no drivers available for download - user manual says they are not needed. I read that someone else's Replenish recognized a Captivate driver but mine did not. Thanks for anyone's help!


Re: Connecting Replenish to computer via USB

Please try this: home screen > menu > settings > applications > development > USB debugging should be unchecked, in fact all three items can be unchecked in the development menu. Unplug the USB cable from the phone and the computer. Turn the phone off and remove the battery for a few seconds, replace the battery and turn the phone back on - reboot the computer, plug the USB cable into the computer and then into the phone. And then just be sure to follow the process as per the user guide: Let us know what you find out please!

Connecting Your Device to Your Computer

Before using your device’s mass storage capabilities, you need to prepare your device’s data services to synchronize with your desktop or laptop computer.

Once you have connected the device to the computer, you can transfer your data to or from the microSD card.

Before You Begin

Here is what you will need to have before you can successfully establish a connection between your Samsung Replenish and PC.

  • microSD card (internally installed prior to start)

  • compatible USB cable

  1. With the microSD card installed, connect your device to your computer using a compatible USB cable. (Wait for the connection to be completed. When connected, the host computer will automatically detect your device.)
  2. The USB icon now appears in the top left Notifications area on your device.
  3. Touch and drag down the Status screen to reveal the Notifications page (or from the Home screen press and tap Notifications).

  4. Tap USB connected > Turn on USB storage to copy files between your computer and your device's microSD card.

  5. Locate the newly created Drive letter on your computer. You can now begin to use the microSD card as a storage device.

To remove the connection:

  1. When you have finished transferring data, click the USB device icon on your computer's taskbar, and follow the onscreen instructions to safely unplug

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