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Error 67

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Error 67

I previously posted as having an issue with updating my PRL, profile and software on my Replenish.  I had the phone replaced only to have it do the same thing four days later.  I am sitting with a phone that has ongoing network/3G problems.  I have tried to use my phone and update via the computer.  No dice.  This is the first time I have had problems with a Samsung product.  This is becoming more annoying.  I am in the process of having it replaced again, but what happens if it needs to be replaced again?  Does anyone know what error 67 is and how to resolve it?


Error 67


Can I have your zipcode to where your having the issues?

Thank you,



Error 67

Zip code 78653

Sprint Product Ambassador

Error 67

Error 67 on the Replenish is a 'failure to authenticate' message.  You may need to update your data profile on your phone (Menu - settings - about - update - update profile), or have customer care ensure your account is set up correctly.

Currently, all networks in the Houston market appear to be working correctly; we have had a few issues in the area that have since cleared.



Product Ambassador, long time Sprint employee

Error 67

I'm in the 93030 zip code area and I'm have the same problem. I'm using a PHOTON 4G.


Error 67

I am in 33308 and I have the same issue on

Samsung Galaxy SII Epic 4G Touch

And I keep getting the error:

"Error 67. Registration Failure. Your Sprint data service username and/or password may be incorrect. Please try again."


Sprint Employee

Error 67

For error 67, and this applies to most sprint phones that use Vision, Powervision, EVDO, Etc. Error 67 indicates that the username or password stored in your phone is incorrect. this condition is very rarely related to the coverage in an area, usually occurs after recent device swap, or attempting to use modem/hotspot while your account does not have a valid modem/hotspot plan.

Before going through too much effort, you should power your phone off, then back on, update your profile (this varies by model has guides for most phones) and determine that the feature that you are attempting to use should work ( for example to use hotspot, you must be subscribed to hotspot. to use phone's web browser the web service should not be blocked, Etc.) if you still have trouble with error 67 after following this information please feel free to send me a private message.


Re: Error 67

What if I have powered off twice and I am still not able to update the profile?  I keeps failing.

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