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LED Problems


LED Problems

Is anyone else experiencing problems with the LED notification and/or have any advice for me? My LED notification was fine for the first couple of days with the phone. Then one day, the LED turned on when I got a text and wouldn't turn off, thus draining my battery in a few hours. I restarted the phone and it cleared. Now it does that periodically when I get a notification, but the other 98% of the time, the LED does nothing. I have the option turned on to LED notify. HELP!?


Hi - I work for Sprint and carry a Replenish. I don't think the LED was working for notifications natively when the device launched. Were you using a third party app to recieve LED notifications? That could explain the erratic behavior. I would recommend checking for the latest MR update, as the latest one was supposed to provide LED notifications. That would mean you could delete a third-party app, which is what may be causing your issues. I hope this helps! Sara

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