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Problems with browser after Gingerbread update


Problems with browser after Gingerbread update

Dear Sprint, I have had a Samsung Replenish since May 2011. I seldom if ever complain about anything on forums and I really like my phone to boot...HOWEVER, the way the browser functions in the Replenish with the new Gingerbread update has some irritating glitches. In using the browser for Facebook in particular (I opt NOT to use the Facebook app on my phone for privacy reasons and because it's a memory hog on a phone that has such limited onboard memory-and you cannot move the Facebook app to the sd on a Replenish), the page is automatically displayed at an unreadably small size. And let's say, I have scrolled all the way to the bottom of my homepage and want to share an article, or delete a comment I made on someone's post, when clicking "share" or the little "x" to perform those functions, the new browser takes one AAALLLL the way to the top of the page to do this...annoying. Secondly, when in the "Messages" section of Facebook, the browser forces all the messages to the far far right that the messages are unviewable and off my screen. When I try to scroll the page to the left, it doesn't work, it just snaps back to the right, making it impossible for me to read or reply to messages on Facebook on my phone. To be sure that it wasn't just my phone, I logged onto Facebook on a friend's Replenish and got the exact same results. None of these things were issues until the Gingerbread update. Overall the Gingerbread update seems innocuous at worst, and I have definitely noticed some extension of battery life. However, the problems I have explained here are really annoying and I hope you get your software techs cracking on fixing this ASAP...thanks!


Problems with browser after Gingerbread update


     I will be glad to pass along the feedback regarding the change to our device group. Have you tried using a different browser possibly such as:







Problems with browser after Gingerbread update

Hi, Thanks for replying.Yes, I have tried both Opera and Dolphin and they do the same thing.

Thanks Again

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