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Replenish Solar Charger Questions


Replenish Solar Charger Questions

I just purchased a solar charger for my Replenish phone. It's nice to have the option of a back-up charging system.

I put it on the back of my phone last night, just to see... It puts a little "sun" charging symbol on the screen, even under regular room lights, but... I've found through reading online that it won't charge under room lighting -- that light symbol showing up just means it's picking up a light source.

Since I want to use the solar charger as back-up, I'd like to keep it on my phone at all times. I'm so tired of lugging my charging cord around with me (and I'm no heavy user of the phone; the battery life has never been all that great).

Anyway, upon reading some discussions, posts, and information online, I've come to a couple conclusions and I've some questions:


1 - it won't charge under regular room lighting

2 - it will charge when it's OFF, but not when the phone is ON.


1 - If I have my solar charger plugged into the back of my phone, can I charge it with the USB charger if there is NO lightsource on the solar charger?  What if the phone is ON? (I rarely turn it off.)

2 - If the solar charger is on the back of the phone, can I sync my phone via USB to my computer?  (The instructions say not to "connect the phone to a travel adapter or USB cable while charging by sunlight", but what if it's NOT charging by sunlight, and the solar charger back is on the phone, ie., I charge my phone at night?)




Re: Replenish Solar Charger Questions

I  would suggest you to go through this info from Samsung



Re: Replenish Solar Charger Questions

Thanks. It doesn't quite answer my question, but thanks! ;-)

Re: Replenish Solar Charger Questions

The only way would be go to a Sprint store and they will show you how.

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