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Text Message Hisorty


Text Message Hisorty

How do you view text message details from your bill?


At this time, Sprint does not offer the ability to view on our Web site text message details (from/to and time sent/received) nor the actual text message content sent or received.If you must obtain text message details, you may do the following:            

  • Just want to let you know a notarized form is required to process this request and you have to call Customer Care, Care will Create a case or Follow-up to request CDMA text message details(Detail-Request for send and receive, phone number and date/time) for the account holder or authorized contact.  Sprint  will send a consent form in 7-10 days (via mail, email or fax) to the account holder or a business’ authorized contact (as identified in CSM). They must notarize and return based on the methods listed on the consent form within 14 calendar days. Cases are closed if not received within 14 days.  Upon receipt of the notarized form, Sprint provides billed text messaging detail only via postal mail within 7-10 days.Billed detail is limited to the previous 90 days.

Hope this helps


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