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Troubleshoot common issues on your Samsung Replenish

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Troubleshoot common issues on your Samsung Replenish

I'm having trouble finding common apps in the Replenish Android Market....such as Bank of America,  Weatherbug.....etc.....anyone else having this issue?

Sprint Employee

Troubleshoot common issues on your Samsung Replenish

I do apologize but some of the apps such as the Bank of America are not associated with the Replenish device. One of the apps that I do know is on the Replenish is the app called Mint, I use this myself and it pulls from my bank account. I am able to see my purchases and balance and as well it assist in being able to set up a budget. If you need to have the specific Bank of America, then check with them to see if they have a mobile version website and just enter that in the browser then book mark it. For the Weatherbug just try searching for weather and other apps will come up that is similar. Again I do apologize the ones you wants are not with this specific device.


Troubleshoot common issues on your Samsung Replenish

I don't understand the reply...

Wouldn't an "android" phone be associated with an "android" app?  Why would there need to be a different association?


Re: Troubleshoot common issues on your Samsung Replenish

I'm really upset with this issue too. This was not told to me when I got this phone. I really hate that the most popular apps, such as Words with Friends are not available on this device and I don't understand why.


Troubleshoot common issues on your Samsung Replenish

That's the strangest thing. Wish i could tell you there's a reason for that. If there is, it's not being shared openly.


Troubleshoot common issues on your Samsung Replenish

Many app developers have set minimum requirements for the screen resolution that their apps will run on.  It's quite possible that the 240x320 resolution is not supported by these apps.  I will try to find out some additional details about this issue.


Troubleshoot common issues on your Samsung Replenish

Found a support article for the Android Market that mentions that "Developers have the ability to target appications to specific mobile devices based off screen size, mobile service provide, or location."  See link below.

I'm still trying to get more info to verify the issue.


Troubleshoot common issues on your Samsung Replenish

There are a number (not just a few) of apps not available for the replenish.....not a deal breaker on the phone itself....just a disappointment


Troubleshoot common issues on your Samsung Replenish

excuse me but i'm a newbie & not sure how the forum works actually.

i got my SAMSUNG REPLENISH last week. i don't know if the problems i'm having are exclusive to the replenish system, to samsung phones on sprint, or to all sprint smartphoes. if you know, please tell me.

IS ANYONE ELSE HAVING THESE or other PROBLEMS with their replenish phone?

also if you know how to fix these things [i havent found apps to correct yet]:

1. every time i make a call the system AUTOMATICALLY includes that contact on my FAVORITES list.

- need a way to stop this automatic adding to the favorites list.

2. no way to delete contacts FROM FAVORITES without deleting them from the CONTACTS list.

- need a way to delete a contact from the favorites list without deleting them from the contacts list.

3. onscreen keyboard only comes up in landscape.

- would like to use onscreen keyboard in portrait as well.

4. even in landscape, when the onscreen keyboard comes up, it is not letting me compose messages in landscape.

5. on p.53 of the samsung replenish users manual: i am not getting this editing options when i compose messages. are they just missing? or is it my phone that doesn't have them?

6. periodically the screen does not respond to tapping on the icons to bring  up functions/applications.

7.  have to tap repeatedly on txt messages to bring up window to allow deleting the message.

since i only got my replenish the other day [and had to take it to the sprint store to even get it to be operational], i'm sure i will find more problems like this as i am more adept at using the phone.

THANK YOU so much for reading my post. Hope you can help and hope it helpful to others. ROZm.


Troubleshoot common issues on your Samsung Replenish

oh and another thing:  MULTIPLE ADDRESSES FOR A CONTACT.

on the contacts details, i wish they would allow multiple addresses for the same contact [home, workplace, club, second workplace, etc] and each could be independently labeled....and then have them enabled for viewing for google maps like the first and only address is now.

i ended up putting a second address in the notes section, which, of course, means it can not be automatically viewed on the map.

Sprint Product Ambassador

Troubleshoot common issues on your Samsung Replenish


Managing contacts on the Replenish is just like any other Android 2.2 phone. You can have multiple addresses, and manage them either on the phone or through Google Contacts ( Managing lots of contacts online is much easier and you can do de-duplicating pretty easily.

On the phone, here's how I can add multiple street and email addresses in addition to multiple phone numbers to an existing contact.

  1. Tap on "Contacts" application icon.
  2. Scroll through the Contacts list and tap on the contact you want to view/modify.
  3. When viewing the Contact, press the Menu/Settings button on the phone (furthest left silver button under the screen).
  4. Tap "Edit Contact"
  5. Scroll to the appropriate item, say, Email address and tap the icon next to the Email section heading.
  6. You'll see a new line with "Home" at left; you can tap this to change the address type to Work, Other, or Custom.
  7. Tap on the new box that has "Email" in light gray and you can enter the new email address. Once you're done, tap "Done."

You can use a similar process to add a new street/postal address.

If you have enabled contact sync on your phone, changes you make in Google Contacts will sync back to your phone in the background, and changes you make on your phone will sync back to the web. I'm not sure of the timing, and I'm sure it varies based on your data connection, but it works great!

Sprint Product Ambassador

Troubleshoot common issues on your Samsung Replenish

1. To remove a contact from the Favorites list, simply do a long press (tap and hold on the screen for a couple of seconds) and select "Remove from favorites" on the menu that appears.

I don't know that you can force the phone to not add frequently dialed numbers to this list, but you may try manually creating some favorites by performing the same long press on a contact, and then selecting "Add to favorites" to see if that stops the phone from trying to assign them automatically. I don't have that problem but I do have some favorites manually created.

2. See above.

3. Not sure about that given the physical keyboard.

4. See #3.

5. Dont have my manual with me but will look and come back.

6. Yep, sometimes you have to press something twice or carefully or wait for it to launch. That shouldnt happen often, but it does occasionally.

7. I dont have that problem with text messages at all, they work fine for me.

I think sometimes there's some learning about how the phone will respond and getting used to that. I went from an iPhone to a basic feature phone (Samsung Rant) to a Palm Pre, to a Samsung Transform, to a Nexus S 4G and am now using the Replenish. Each phone works slightly differently -- and it takes getting used to. Not to say if the phone just isnt working that you should deal with it -- if the screen or system isn't responding that may be an issue. But it could just be the phone responds slower than you're expecting it to. Honestly I've been pleasantly surprised with how well the phone performs for the price. It isn't the speed demon my Nexus S 4G is, but it gets the job done pretty well.

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