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my replenish is calling people on its own!?!?!


my replenish is calling people on its own!?!?!

My husband just called and asked if I called his coworker.  I said no?!?!? he said "well she sees your number as missed call"  Well it happened 5 more times after that.

I don't even have this number in my phone book or have EVER dialed it.   My history is showing no such call.   She is at work, so she isnt hearing it ring to answer it to see who is on the other end!?!?

I got a new car about 2 weeks ago and activated the blue tooth for it, but you would think this would of happened 2 weeks sooner.


my replenish is calling people on its own!?!?!

It could be "caller ID spoofing."  There are applications available now that can mask your caller ID and make it look like any number you want.  Without these calls showing in your call log, more than likely it's not your phone making these calls.  Your call log or calls billed to a statement could also be used to verify this.


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