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samsung replenish always charging?


samsung replenish always charging?

hello and thank you for reading. ive been with sprint for along time and normaly have no complaints and the service is great.First off i have a replenish and well the phone is horrible and it barely lasts a day without dieing. Thats not the reason i am posting but I wanted to add that little bit in there.yesterday evening it started telling me its charging and the LED to charge it lit up and has stayed on sense. ive taken the battery out waited 20 min then replaced it got nothing tried turning it off and on, plugging it in letting its battery drain till its dead then recharged it and nothing seems to be working i checked for updates nothing there so im stumped. An ideas or suggestions would be great! thank you for your time.


Hello and thank you for your participation in the Communities.  Sorry to hear about your phone.  It's either a problem with the firmware controlling the charging status/LED, or it's a hardware malfuction where the phone actually thinks the charger is plugged in even when it's not.  The former can be eliminated by restoring your phone to factory defaults from the Privacy menu in your main Settings menu.  The latter is caused, typically, by damage to the port which creates a "short" in the circuts that connect the port to the circut board.  The only way to be sure, is to get a "hands-on evaluation at your local Sprint Service & Repair Center.  Use the "Find a Store" link at the very top of this page and search for "Repair Centers near me." 

Hope this helps,

Tom Deaver

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