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Android 2.2 for the Samsung Transform


Android 2.2 for the Samsung Transform

It has been far too long of a wait, and as a long-standing customer, I would like to be heard. We need the Android to be updated on the Samsung Transform from 2.1 to 2.2, this has gone on long enough. By the time you actually give us 2.2, everyone else will be on 2.3. There isn't much incentive to buy a phone if the LARGE company that sells it isn't willing to keep it updated. It is ridiculous that tiny companies like Metro PCS already have droid phones on 2.2, while SPRINT is still pushing them stock with 2.1. Consider your customers, and give us the upgrade, please.

Sidenote about the Transform: What is the point of a front-facing camera if you can't use it for video chat?

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I am giving sprint until the end of the month to say one way or the other. I am more and more tempted to go ahead and root my phone. I just wish they would make some announcement. I feel completely taken with this phone with the empty promises and all the annoyances this phone has.


Rooting was easy. I put 2.2 on mine and it sucked. The camera didn't work very well. The camera flash didn't work at all. I also had a few stability issues. I went back to 2.1 with a different kernel and I like it. I will probably wait for the sprint released 2.2 to get root accessed before I do anything else.


I believe the front facing camera doe in fact NOT work, but it was ery low quality anyway, and I didn't use it, so thgis isn't an issue for me. Also, it is only a matter of time before the numerous brilliant programmers out there figure a workaround for that.

There IS a workaround for the rear flash, as it is disabled in the 2.1 and 2.2 updates.

There are a few quirks to 2.2/2.1, as detailed in the forum posts. I myself noticed that trying to "join" contacts in the menu while eidting a contact will cause it to vibrate/go "back" several times and back out to the contacts main screen every time. It worked once just fine, then did that. The FN+. (period) jey gives youa comma instead of .com..little things like that. If you're willing to lose those or don't care about them, then Froyo is for you.. the trade off for a functioning phone is amazing.


@Dave yes I have noticed a few quirks, as expected putting a RC2 on there, its only a litle past beta. Good to know the 2.1 is more stable, if I have too mnay issues I will downgrade to that. Just having Froyo is enough at this point.


I am still very angry about this.  Paid 150 for this phone.  Have full blown monthly payments for two phones.  Will be getting a cellular android tablet soon and it WON'T be Samsung or on the Sprint network.  I love Android.  I am despising Sprint and Samsung right now.  This has been a MAJOR rip off.  We were LIED to.  I am going to change my service to basic phone and get a tablet on another network and stop giving my monthly 136.00 to Sprint every month.  That's 1500 dollars a year.  Screw them.  You have my user name and can access my account.  Calling you got me nowhere.  GIVE TRANSFORM USERS AUTOMATIC CREDIT WITHOUT US BEGGING.  WE PAY YOU.....REMEMBER?


Bear with the newb on the forum and I am reading right...the front facing camera does not do video chat at all??? Froyo is still not announced? Anyone had any success with rooting to make these issues work and how did it work for you? Thanks in advance.


I was able to get a credit this month as well as I did last month.  It seems to help if you request it during the business day.  If you get a rep that is refusing to help you, thank them for their time and try again.

I did basically what I wrote about in my blog.  But you can get a service credit for the lack of update!  If they try to tell you they never promised you they are lying.  Google 'Sprint Transform Press Release.'  It's about 7 paragraphs in where they say it'll get 2.2 by the end of 2010.  I documented that and how I got a service credit on my blog, that I can't link here.  But you could easily google this discussions title (Android 2.2 Samsung Transform) and if you threw my username in the search who knows what you'd find.

Stand up for what you belive in!


the samsung transform will finally get android 2.2 it will be released on 2/28/2011!


Where did you get that date from? My understanding they goofed up the epic 2.2 update, and have stopped distubuting  it, so how could they just distrubute 2.2 to our phones when they can't update their flag ship the epic?


i spoke with sprint on 2/25/2011 and they stated the in my chat that i had with them


02/25/2011 11:40:35PMSession Started with Agent (Reginald S.)
02/25/2011 11:40:35PMSystem: "Thank you for contacting Sprint. My name is Reginald S.."
02/25/2011 11:40:35PMSANCHEZ: "phone system update"
02/25/2011 11:40:44PMAgent (Reginald S.): "Please provide me the details of your concern."
02/25/2011 11:41:32PMSANCHEZ: "i wanted to when is sprint going to realese android 2.2 for the samsung transform?"
02/25/2011 11:42:26PMAgent (Reginald S.): "I understand your concern. Please allow me a few moments to check this."
02/25/2011 11:42:44PMSANCHEZ: "ok"
02/25/2011 11:44:37PMAgent (Reginald S.): "Thank you for waiting."
02/25/2011 11:47:31PMAgent (Reginald S.): "A software update to 2.2 Android (Froyo) will be available for the Samsung Transform (M920) starting on Monday, 2/28/11 ."
02/25/2011 11:47:55PMAgent (Reginald S.): "Is there anything else I can assist you with?"
02/25/2011 11:49:06PMSANCHEZ: "ok that is all thank u for the information?"



I'll believe it when I see it.  I have enjoyed getting a few bucks off my bill every month, so either way I either get the update I want, or I save a few bucks on my bill.  If it is true that they will have the update this monday, make sure to demand a service credit this weekend for the lack of the update. 


I did a chat with Sprint Rep today and was also told Feb. 28 Android 2.2 will be released for the Samsung Transform.  Below is a copy of my chat.

1:37:07 PM :  Connected to sprint.ehosts.net

1:37:07 PM :  Session ID: 2294613

1:37:07 PM : JORDAN: Initial Question/Comment: I wanted to know when Android 2.2 is going to be released for the Samsung Transform?

1:37:12 PM :  You are next in queue...

1:37:17 PM :  Please wait and the next available account specialist will be with you shortly.

1:37:37 PM :  If you are chatting today for Technical Support, please call 1-888-211-4727.

1:37:42 PM :  Alex Ka has joined this session!

1:37:42 PM :  Connected with Alex Ka. Your Reference Number for this chat session is 2294613.

1:37:42 PM :  Thank you for contacting Sprint. My name is Alex Ka.

1:37:47 PM : Alex Ka: I am happy to help you

1:38:02 PM : Alex Ka: Please hold a moment while I check this for you

1:38:05 PM : JORDAN: ok

1:41:57 PM : Alex Ka: Thank you for waiting

1:42:10 PM : Alex Ka: The Android 2.2 is going to be release on 02/28/2011.

1:42:18 PM : Alex Ka: For Samsung Transform

1:42:33 PM : JORDAN: Thank you for your help.

1:42:42 PM : Alex Ka: You are welcome

1:42:47 PM : Alex Ka: Is there anything else I can assist you with?

1:43:12 PM : JORDAN: no, that is it. thanks again.

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