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Android 2.2 for the Samsung Transform


Android 2.2 for the Samsung Transform

It has been far too long of a wait, and as a long-standing customer, I would like to be heard. We need the Android to be updated on the Samsung Transform from 2.1 to 2.2, this has gone on long enough. By the time you actually give us 2.2, everyone else will be on 2.3. There isn't much incentive to buy a phone if the LARGE company that sells it isn't willing to keep it updated. It is ridiculous that tiny companies like Metro PCS already have droid phones on 2.2, while SPRINT is still pushing them stock with 2.1. Consider your customers, and give us the upgrade, please.

Sidenote about the Transform: What is the point of a front-facing camera if you can't use it for video chat?

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Of what year? Since it is already the 3rd and I havent heard anyone has actually gotten this yet.


03/03/2011 03:27:13PMME: "??hi i want to know the status of the update to android 2.2 for the samsung transform (M920)"
03/03/2011 03:27:28PMAgent (James S): "I am happy to help you. Please give me a moment to look into it."
03/03/2011 03:27:37PM ME: "ok"
03/03/2011 03:27:50PMAgent (James S): "Thank you."
03/03/2011 03:29:45PMAgent (James S): "I'm researching that information for you. Thanks for your patience."
03/03/2011 03:30:16PM ME: "ok"
03/03/2011 03:31:52PMAgent (James S): "The update realized on March 02,2011 with in 4 days you will get the notification on your phone"
03/03/2011 03:32:31PMAgent (James S): "The Start date of the update is March 02,2011"
03/03/2011 03:32:37PMAgent (James S): "with in 4 days you will get the notification on your phone"
03/03/2011 03:32:47PMAgent (James S): "to use it"
03/03/2011 03:34:15PMAgent (James S): "Is there anything else I may assist you with?"
03/03/2011 03:35:46PM ME: "it was said thet it would be on february 28 tru march 3"
03/03/2011 03:38:24PM ME: "what happened with that date"
03/03/2011 03:38:27PMME: "?"
03/03/2011 03:39:08PMAgent (James S): "Yes, the date was between February 28 to March 03 for coming the update and you can use the update after the getting the notification in your phone with in 4 days."
03/03/2011 03:39:51PMAgent (James S): "I am sorry for the inconvenience."

I hit *7 and sprint told me that 2.2 will be released at 10am this Sunday. Let's see if that holds true


The reason we can't get flash is due to Adobe the company that creates flash the first versions of flash required arm7 later version require arm8


We are arm6 it's as simple as this, flash was never made for arm6 and will never work on arm6. Makes no difference how old or new a phone is, what matters is the architect, if arm7 and above flash will work arm6 and below flash will not work.


this is ridiculous, I just called CS and they told me that update is not yet available and there is no release date yet and when I told them I have spoke with CS monday and they told me that update is available this week they didnt know what to say?

what is going on???


My guess is whats happening is Sprint got the update from Samsung tested it saw that it worked correctly, so they sent out a update notices to their support team which passed it on down the line. The updates notice includes the name of phone that is getting updated and the date of the release. Now after sending this noticed out Sprint asked their advertising team to put together sprint apps "bloatware" and installed them on the phone, they did and as usual the bloatware bricked the phones, so now the phones are delayed until the bloatware is usable on the phones.

But Sprint didn't pull the update notice, so when a rep types in the phone name an update is displayed on their screen, the rep has no clue that the update was canceled.


That's the problem, we have to guess what's going on.  I wish Sprint would just put the information out there instead of hearing the rumors and "leaks" and everything else that is coming out.  An official press release saying something along the line of here is the progress we have made, here are the problems we are still working on, this looks to be a tentative release date if there are no further issues. Honesty.....hmmm......I know it's a strange concept in business, but how refreshing would that be.


I just contact Samung to see if I could get answers from them.  This is our online chat:

Magnus:  Hi, thank you for contacting Samsung Technical Support. How may I help you today?

Visitor:  I was wondering if you cold tell me if the android 2.2 platform will be released for the transform

Magnus:  I understand that you are looking for Andriod 2.2 on your phone, Am I correct?

Visitor:  yes.  it was promised by the end of 2010.

Magnus:  Thank you for confirming.

Magnus:  Would you mind if I place you on hold for 3 minutes while I gather the information on your request?

  visitor:  sure

Magnus:  Thank you.

Magnus:  Thank you for holding.

Visitor:  yep

Magnus:  I  would like inform you that unfortunately, as of now there is no official  information on the release date for your phone of the Android 2.2 from  Samsung and you will be notified by the carrier and in the Samsung  website when/if the update is released. We are unable to speculate  when/if a software revision might be available due to the fact that this  might lead to inaccurate information and confusion.

Visitor:  i  bought the phone under the pretense of thinking that 2.2 would be  released by the end of the year.  This was advertised widely through  Sprint.  Sprint says that it is not up to them, it is up to Samsung when  it will be released.  I feel completely jilted.

visitor:  In all honestly.... I hate this phone.  I was hoping that 2.2 would make it more tolerable to use.

Magnus:  I apologize for the inconvenience.

Visitor:  It's not an inconvenience... It's false advertising.

Magnus:  I can  understand the situation, however we will be able update the phone to Android 2.2 once the update is released.

Visitor:  But no one can tell me when or IF the update WILL be released.  2.3 is already out and we can't even get 2.2

Magnus:  I will be right with you.

Visitor:  ok

Magnus:  We do not want to confuse our customers with an inaccurate information.

Visitor:  I understand that.... but it would be nice if someone could confirm that the transform will or will not be getting the upgrade.

Magnus:  Once the official upgrade is released it will posted on the Samsung official web site.

Visitor: Thanks.  You really have not helped me at all.  This will be the last samsung product I will buy.


Yes that would be great if a company really helped out their customers, but that's not how business is done in the real world. The real world is basically say what you have to so new and old customers sign a 2 year contract then the heck with them. Once the contract is signed the company doesn't have to do anything they promised or suggested before you signed the contract.

Sprint and Samsung would love to charge for the update, they can't, they must provide it for free so they drag their feet at the same time peoples contracts get shorter and shorter, almost time to resign them and get new customers. This is good  strategy by companies, take so long to upgrade they really don't have to do many upgrades in the two year contract.

The two year contract runs out before a second or 3rd update is required, So Samsung can get you to buy a new phone and Sprint can get you to resign another two year contract, then procces begins again.


..ok its listed as android 2.3 launcher on your market app its has a gingerbread guy on the display now it wasnt designed specifly for the transform so take it in stride asls at 10 am tomorrow apparently sprint is going to release 2.2 so maybe not ? there to un predictable any way have fun with it


Nothing yet for me, anyone get the update?


that what i figured typical b.s.from sprint

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