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Android 2.2 for the Samsung Transform


Android 2.2 for the Samsung Transform

It has been far too long of a wait, and as a long-standing customer, I would like to be heard. We need the Android to be updated on the Samsung Transform from 2.1 to 2.2, this has gone on long enough. By the time you actually give us 2.2, everyone else will be on 2.3. There isn't much incentive to buy a phone if the LARGE company that sells it isn't willing to keep it updated. It is ridiculous that tiny companies like Metro PCS already have droid phones on 2.2, while SPRINT is still pushing them stock with 2.1. Consider your customers, and give us the upgrade, please.

Sidenote about the Transform: What is the point of a front-facing camera if you can't use it for video chat?

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Thought the update was gonna do FLASH. FAIL.

Thought the update was gonna allow live wallpapers. FAIL. (I know, simple, but i want it anyway)

Now takes a few 3 to 5 seconds from the time I swipe the unlock till the time I see and can use the main screen!

oh well, the latest and greatest always has some hitches at first i guess....

anyway, is there a listing somewhere of what has changed and what new features have been added?


My phone might as well be a boat anchor.

It's locked up, lags, I can't get into my apps.

Oh...try this......




And dont try their chat.  The **********  I got was not in the least knowledgable or attentive.........

11:03:34 :  Connected to sprint.ehosts.net

11:03:34 :  Session ID: 2497411

11:03:34 : whmosby: Initial Question/Comment: Phone still having issues with the 2.2.2 Froyo OTA update.

11:03:44 :  Please wait and the next available account specialist will be with you shortly.

11:03:49 :  Dave S has joined this session!

11:03:49 :  Connected with Dave S. Your Reference Number for this chat session is 2497411.

11:03:49 :  Thank you for contacting Sprint. My name is Dave S.

11:04:00 : whmosby: hello Dave

11:04:39 : Dave S: Hello

11:04:47 : whmosby: is there a way to rollback the software on my phone, without losing my data

11:05:01 : Dave S: I am happy to assist you with locating that information.

11:05:06 : Dave S: Please hold a moment while I access your account.

11:06:17 : Dave S: Please turn your phone off and take the battery out.

11:06:37 : whmosby: AGAIN

11:07:03 : whmosby: ok

11:07:41 : Dave S: Thank you.

11:07:56 : Dave S: Please give me a moment while I refresh the phone services for you.

11:09:56 : Dave S: Thank you for waiting.

11:10:06 : Dave S: I have refreshed your phone services.

11:10:16 : Dave S: Please turn your phone on.

11:10:41 : Dave S: Once the phone is on, please check and confirm that you are able to use the phone successfully.

11:11:12 : whmosby: waiting............

11:12:37 : whmosby: still waiting.

11:12:52 : Dave S: Ok, no problem, let it completely on.

11:13:18 : whmosby: the issue is not my services.... its the software update

11:13:32 : Dave S: Yes, I do understand this.

11:13:47 : Dave S: I have refreshed your phone software services.

11:14:44 : whmosby: now it will not let me into messaging

11:15:26 : Dave S: Ok, please cancel all and come to home screen.

11:15:58 : whmosby: ok. Are you going to tell me to program this thing again??? (I already did this 3x in the last 24 hrs)

11:16:52 : Dave S: Yes, but we have to do the factory resetting of the phone and that will lose all the saved data from the phone.

11:17:00 : whmosby: NO.

11:17:10 : whmosby: Thats what I want to avoid

11:17:27 : whmosby: thats what I asked you from the beginning

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I was so happy about the update, but my phone is now worse than before.  Here are my fun new issues....

Randomly starts vibrating like crazy for no reason whatsoever. 

Sooooooooo Slow.  No smooth scrolling ever.

Odd items keep showing up in my photo gallery.  It's not the screen shots that would randomly show up before, these are just strange icon/pictures.  Have no clue what they are or where they came from. 

Facebook App all of a sudden not working.  Cannot upload photos or make comments or like any posts. 

Goes into airplane mode at random times durring the day, haven't had that issue since my Moment. 

Went back to LauncherPro...built in launcher sucks.  Can Sprint PLEASE get rid of ID (and all the other preinstalled crap that we cannot remove!!!)

Still having random sync issues

Battery life seems to be worse.  Not sure yet, but I've gone from charging 2x a day to 3x!

I held on for the update to see if that made my Transform any better, but it's only made it worse.  After many years of Samsung phones, I'm done! 


I am to the point of putting a roofing nail through my phone and seing if Asurion can insure that.........


Got mine in the shop right now witing to see if they can finish the update. Mine started to install then just stopped like half way thru and crapped the phone up bad. Will update later.


I can honestly say my phone is now better after the update.

everything is much smother, doesn't hang up at all like it did before. i do think the battery life is a little bit shorter, but then the Google sync is fixed so it's probably burning a bit more power pulling data where before it did next to nothing.

only thing i'm not happy about is the weatherbug... bug... the news and weather widget is laughable. if all i wanted was the current temp and what the sky looked like i have a window with a thermometer hanging out of it. i want the option to tap for a forecast. once they fix that i'll be happy.

i finally feel like i've got the phone that i paid for back in november. don't get me wrong, i doubt that i'll get another samsung after this jsut due to all the stupid crap that surrounds them and getting updates and so forth. but at least mine's now working the way i want it to.


Unfortunately, it's a disaster of a release - too bad it wasn't optional.  My Transform used to work well, now it's slow, unresponsive, and gets progressively worse over the course of the day (I power cycled the phone this morning because it wouldn't connect to data, took 20 seconds to respond to a single 'keypress', etc.  It worked better (but not as good as pre-patch), but less than 8 hours later, had to be power cycled again to even be functional.

What a POS.  What recourse does a Sprint customer, family plan with 5 lines have - go elsewhere I suppose?


I am done with the Transform. I am done with Samsung phones.

The EVO is much gooder.    


Anybody having issues with their Bluetooth?? 


Finally Got my phone working properly after calling CS about a dozen times .. they finally have good cell phone service reception now messages dont fail when sending... it dont send the same text two or three times... and phone moves like it did when i first got it... but still cant Update PRL


I had posted before about mine working great...well, i have had a few apps I had to remove, and Angry Birds works but has white boxes on some screens and can't save my game...I did put it on SD.....now just last nite for no apparent reason it wouldn't start and when it did come up it would go to all white screen, removing the battery and putting it back in cured that. I don't want to have to do that whenever it decides to act up.

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