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Android 2.2 for the Samsung Transform


Android 2.2 for the Samsung Transform

It has been far too long of a wait, and as a long-standing customer, I would like to be heard. We need the Android to be updated on the Samsung Transform from 2.1 to 2.2, this has gone on long enough. By the time you actually give us 2.2, everyone else will be on 2.3. There isn't much incentive to buy a phone if the LARGE company that sells it isn't willing to keep it updated. It is ridiculous that tiny companies like Metro PCS already have droid phones on 2.2, while SPRINT is still pushing them stock with 2.1. Consider your customers, and give us the upgrade, please.

Sidenote about the Transform: What is the point of a front-facing camera if you can't use it for video chat?

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Thank you Janet1219, I would say the likely reason that you are having trouble is bacause you are running low on internal storage. to help improve performance move any downloaded apps to the SD card that you can ( menu>settings>applications>manage applications > tap on each application to look for button "Move to SD" to be available, not greyed out ) remove any unused apps, clear call log, erase old messages, clear app cache, especially for large apps loke browser, facebook, Etc., I personally use this phone, and find that if my memory dips below 50 MB or so I start to notice problems, I usually leave near 80 MB free. if you have any task killers, or security software installed I would suggest removing them. let me know if this helps you.

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I hate to be the bearor of bad news Janet... this phone is crap! I am on my 4th replacement since I bought it in November.... so have a year and a half before I can upgrade... so, here is MY solution since Sprint will not offer one that is decent... we found HTC Hero phones on Ebay for 75.00... have replaced 2 of my 3 phones with this and the girls are lovin them.. not fast, but SO MUCH BETTER than this POS Transform!

Sorry, ive just given up i guess....


I just deleted a bunch of apps. I tell ya though, I'm surprised the phone can't handle much. The battery life is awful and if I am using one of the apps too long, sucks the battery right up.

Not at all impressed with this phone. I'm buying an iPhone as soon as I can.

Sometimes it makes notification sounds, sometimes not. Today I someone was calling me but the phone never picked up the call! Not even as a missed call.. the person called my daughter, who has a different type of phone (same carrier) and wanted to know why I wans't answering. well.. I have to have a phone that actually works. I may be heading to Best Buy this weekend.

I just cleaned it up pretty well.. so we'll see what happens.


wonder why the "Home" Button doesn't work anymore?  


Janet1219, I'm sorry to hear about your issues.  Here is a thread that you should read beforehand which contains tips to keep your Transform running efficiently as well as information on doing the Samsung Transform Hard reset and apps for backing up your SMS (pictures on SMS messages will not be saved so back them up to the SD card) and Call Logs.


In summary, the Samsung Transform needs to have about 30% of your Total Internal Storage (217 MB) which is about 65 MB of Internal Storage free to keep your Transform running efficiently.  Also, be careful about the number of widgets you have running on the phone or apps active or running in the background (note the difference between exiting an app using the <Back> key - proper way to exit the app and the <Home> key - keeps the app active or running in the background.  Use the Samsung Task Manager app (provided in the 2.2 Froyo update), check the RAM manager tab and verify that the used RAM is around 141 MB or less.

Use the free app called "Disk Usage" (Ivan Volusyusk), AppStorage view, to see how your phone memory is allocated.  Here is an example memory allocation for about 80+ applications (make sure to move apps that can be moved to the SD card except for widgets which need to run through internal memory and cannot be moved to the SD card and run properly from there).

DiskUsage (AppStorage view)

Data: 217 MB

Applications: 84.5 MB

System Data: 33 MB

Free Space: 100.1 MB

If your System Data memory allocation is more than 45-50 MB, then you may need to strongly consider doing a Samsung Transform Hard Reset to reclaim System Data. A Samsung Transform Hard Reset (from a powered off state) is different from doing a factory data reset though Menu->Settings->Privacy (factory reset from a powered on state).  You will lose all your data except those that are saved on your SD card so you will have to ensure that you backup your data appropriately!! 

With the phone fully charged, do a Samsung Transform Hard Reset (from a powered off state)

Here is the proper way to do a Samsung Transform Hard Reset:

Press and hold the following 3 buttons together (at the same time)

<Volume Down>, <Voice Dial>, <Power On/Off>

Note: <Voice Dial> is the button below the <Power On/Off>

As soon as you see "Samsung" appear on the screen, release all 3 buttons. The progress bar will appear and continue across the screen. When it finishes, you will see a menu which includes options to reboot the phone, delete cache, perform a factory data reset and a fourth option. Use the <Volume Up/Volume Down> button to scroll up or down, scroll down to the "factory data reset" option and execute it by pressing the <Voice Dial> button. Follow the instructions to confirm the factory data reset and the action will be processed. Afterwards, select the "reboot phone" option and execute it with the <Voice Dial> button and wait until the phone completes the reboot process.

Sprint Tech support recommends the procedure detailed above as evidenced in this link ...


As soon as it has completed the process and rebooted, do the following:

Hold off loading a Sprint ID initially as well as setting up your emails

Delete all the Sprint tutorial widgets on all the home screens

Click Menu->Sounds, scroll to the Feedback section and uncheck the following:

Haptic Feedback (you can also uncheck audible selection, and screen lock sounds if you'd like)

Click Menu->Applications->Quick Launch, long press on every letter that has an assigned shortcut and "Clear" the shortcut (resolves random app launches when using the keyboard)

Click Menu->Accesibility, click cancel on the dialog box, Check the "Power Button ends call" setting if you'd like to end a call by pressing the power button instead of swiping on the end call screen

Fix up any other phone settings that you like

Launch the Android market, enter your gmail userid and password and download your paid apps and in batches, you're free apps.

Click on Menu->Applications->Managed Applications, click on each app and see if the "Move to SD card" option is not greyed out

and move them to the SD card.  Do not move widgets to the SD card as they will not work properly.

Limit the amount of widgets that you install on your home screen initially to the essential ones like the power control widget or a clock and weather widget.  Use folders if possible and limit the use of homescreens to 3 initially.

Note: If you get the random vibrate while in an app, hit the back key to stop its occurence.

If everything is going well, setup your emails one by one, making sure to go into the email settings to reduce the polling frequency for your emails.

It takes time to sync emails/calendars so give some time for them to sync up before setting up the next one so as not to inundate your phone and hold off doing things on your phone while the email sync is occuring (preferably your phone would be on wifi while this is occuring for a faster sync)

Review the polling frequency for calendar apps or social media apps like Facebook (an alternative to the official Facebook app is Friendcaster for Facebook (formerly Flow) which I have switched to as it is much better than the official app, especially UI responsiveness and faster sync, etc.).

If all is going well, setup a Sprint ID if you'd like, perhaps just the "Sprint ID" pack and see if all is still well with the phone.

I hope this helps!!


Janet1219, limit the number of text messages stored on your phone as well.  When your text messages reach about 300, use an app like SMS Backup & Restore (Ritesh Sahu) to backup the SMS threads (except for MMS or pictures) to your SD card so that you can then delete your SMS messages and free up internal memory on your phone and speed up the phone's performance as well.  You can move the SMS logs to your PC and use the documentation on the developer's website to view the logs through the browser as an XML file.  Also, clean up your browser regularly.  Launch the browser app, click Menu->More->Settings, scroll down to Privacy settings and Clear Cache, History, All Cookie Data, and Form Data.


Hey Everyone,

Oh I miss the good ol days with this forum, from early this year, during out anticipated 6 month+ wait for Froyo. I would just like to say. Leave Samsung and the transform, and go with HTC Evo 4g, hands down, best phone ever. (Or a galaxy s, they are samsung, but they are made by Google, and engineer for Google, with Ice Cream Sandwich). I bought my Evo about 2 months ago and haven't looked back. Btw that old clunker transform you can turn into Sprint for a credit on your bill. Now so I'm not advertising on here, there is a website named after a river and a rainforest, that has awesome deals on Evo's PM me if you nee assistance.

Best of Luck to all the Transform owners!

P.S. extra 10 bucks totally worth it whether you have 4g or not, and Sprint is requiring the extra 10 for new contracts anyway so why not?


That is a good idea I am on my third transform, it spent last weekend at the sprint store and came back to me factory reset again, too many apps again. So here is my question if the phone has apps to sd what is it really worth for freeing up space? Next November will the salesman at sprint be able to tell me of these un announced limitations to the phone I might buy from them? If I am mis lead like this great limited piece of reward for the THOUSANDS I have given sprint over the years What they gonna do for me. Have not seen much so far and I stress the THOUSANDS part.


agree with beatngu231, although my transform experience wasn't horrible, it wasn't as good as I think it should have been. So happy when the update to Froyo happened and we could move apps to the SD card....but that didn't really help (not sure why).  Anyway, staying with Samsung, I went for the Epic 4G and am happy so far. Not in a 4G area, but the phone is sooooo much better, it's worth the extra $10/month.


I also bailed on the Transform.  Sam's Club had a Black Friday deal for the Motorola Photon for $0.96.  It might be the best phone I've ever had and I really loved my Touch Pro.  I've had 10 different Sprint phones since 1997.  By far, the Transform is the worst phone I ever had.  It's sad that it costs $10 more/month just to have an operational smart phone, but when I consider all of the time that I wasted waiting for, restarting, and otherwise managing the Transform, the $0.30/day that it costs absolutely is worth it. 

When the Froyo update came out, I was really excited, but I think it just caused more problems for the Transform.  It allowed me to install more apps since I could utilize the storage space on the SD card, but then so many programs would boot upon startup that the device would take 30 minutes to stabilize and then was always short on memory as soon as any program was opened.


This phone sucks. All firmware, etc. is up to date. It reboots at random (just did now for no reason). Locks up constantly. Is slower than molasses.  I have hardly any apps.  I don't play games, I don't shop.  I make calls, use navigaton and check my Facebook once in a while. I am ditching this phone as soon as I can.


Ditto... I learned that I couldn't maintain more than 2-3 apps on this @(#@ device, because apparently every 2-3 months it requires a hard re-set at the store, wiping everything out. Besides being excruciatingly slow, it seems to skip the lock-up stage with me, and goes straight to system crash. I thought it was a lemon phone, but apparently it's just a tool device made by Samsung. The last two times it happened, the tech guys were muttering under their breath how much this phone SUCKS (because I was worried that those 2-3 apps were crashing it, lol). Nice. Peeved with Samsung / Sprint that they know they sold this phone to their customers, fully knowing its issues, so now 1) I'm never buying Samsung and 2) playing the waiting game, as well.

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