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Samsung Transform Software Updates

VersionRelease DateDescription of Enhancements/Fixes

8/26 - The update to this software version has been cancelled.  If your device successfully updated to this version, there is no action required.  If you attempted to update and are having problems, please visit a Sprint Service & Repair location for assistance. 

- Receiving an error when attempting to Update PRL and Update Data Profile

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Android 2.2 Froyo OS

  - 3G WiFi hotspot

  - Ability to install applications to external storage

  - Improved Bluetooth device support

  - Improved OS performance

  - Swype added as default keyboard

EAS (Exchange ActiveSync) enhancements

  - Support for remote wipe of the device

  - Set Out of Office message from the device

  - Add or edit email signature

  - Accept/decline/tentatively accept meeting requests

  - Delete calendar meeting requests and notify participants

  - Modify calendar meeting (change date/time, add/remove participants) and notify


  - Corporate directory contacts search while composing email

  - new password policies (allow simple password, require alphanumeric, expiration,

    minimum length, password     history, maximum failed password attempts,

    inactivity time lock, complex characters, password recovery)

Intermittent activation of Search short cut keys 

Landscape mode while at the Home Screen 

Sprint ID may be installed by customer after activation,impacts new devices only

Google Syncing issus

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- Icons and widgets may disappear from screen when switching between IDs

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DI0110/7/2010- Initial Release

Important Notes:

- Released in stages with 100% of devices on the most current prior release having received the update within 4  days.

- Updates are available OTA (over the air) only and are 'pushed' to devices in stages.  Device selection is random.

- If you do not receive the update, try downloading or updating an application from the Android Market to ensure your

   device is visible to the Google servers.  The update is pushed from Google.  

Update your software:

Software will be automatically downloaded to your phone

1.  A system update screen will prompt the user to 'install now' or 'install later'

     If 'install later' is selected, a reminder will be sent once or twice a day to install the update

     If 'install now' is selected, the phone will power off and back on to complete the software update


Check for updates

1.  From the Home screen, press Menu, then tap Settings

2.  Flick up to scroll down, then tap About Phone

3.  Tap System Updates

4.  Tap Update Firmware, Update Android or Update PRL

5.  The following message will display: Checking for software update. Please wait.

6.  Follow the on-screen instructions to download and install updates

7.  You may need to power your phone off and back on to complete the update

Check the software version on your phone:

1.  From the Home screen, press Menu, then tap Settings

2.  Flick up to scroll down, then tap About Phone

3.  Software version is displayed under Baseband Version

Note: Comments are restricted on this blog. As new software versions are available, a new thread will be
          posted and linked to in this blog. Please post any comments under that thread for the specific
          software update.

dshoem01 - clarifications on install instructions.