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Samsung Transform


Samsung Transform

So, fresh out of the box (Friday Night) and Sprint ID isn't available for download.  Nevermind switching from Nextel back to Sprint (no automatic activation).  I digress.

Customer support is telling me that the darned thing is defective, right out of the box!  Can't download an ID pack for its life!

Not complaining too much...Android and everything else is working spectacularly.  Well, except the vCard bluetooth transfer of my contacts from my 8350i won't load up.  Imported and saved to my SD card and now it reads "Reading of vCard data has failed | Failed to parse vCard for unexpected reason | file ended during parsing BASE64 binary".

Bought it online...and I can't "return" or swap the thing out at a store, apparently.....

Not happy...but that's what I get for trying to move to the Andriod wave.


Ok, before I seem like a Debbie-Downer...the phone's cool.

5-screen Android system, easy to adapt to QWERTY slideboard, camera is fine, downloads apps in the blink of an eye (via wireless G), and it's super adaptive for those of us CrackBerry rejects.

I tax the phone to the point of a slight delay on touch input...but I'm trying to run it through its paces.

Only structural problems i see are that the volume buttons are right where I put my left thumb to slide the screen up to use the keyboard.  The power button is not so bad but takes some getting used to in order to hit it to lock the phone (no actualy lock button).  The Camera your pinky if you hold the phone in your left hand.  Takes some funny pictures if you're not careful.

The email system isn't so bad.  Took me a while to make sure my POP3 settings actually took properly (thank you Comcast for not using IMAP) but it wasn't that bad.  GMail works great.  Only complaint is that I can't have my combined mailbox be the home screen when I start the email least that I've yet been able to find.

Messaging (MMS) runs like an IM thread.  Definate departure for me from the 8350i...but I love it.  Too bad the perks don't work.

Ok, the battery life is attrocious.  Charged it overnight Friday to Saturday...mostly dead parrot (sic) by 5pm after starting it at 9am.  I wasn't even abusing the thing, like a heavy day at work would.  Ramped it to 66% charge (takes a while) and it was dying again by 930pm.  Brought the cord to work today, just in case.  And, yes, people still work on Sundays (just not the online return center folks at 866-789-8292).

Mikey Likey.  Mikey Likey Lotty!  But seriously....  Out of the box not being able to download the new cool Sprint ID perks that are supposed to drive the phone to be a competitive mid-range accessibility client?  It's like a mini-office away from my office!  Well, at least it could be.

I'm gonna sit in the analog age until I can either get it fixed or until I can get it swapped.  Notta so happy...but I'll survive...maybe?

//grabs paperbag to stop hyperventilating over being disconnected from the digital world//

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Ok, so it was an account block from god-knows when ago that was causing the 702 download failure.

If you're having the same problem, just call customer service and they'll wipe the block out with your permission.  I do question why SprintID parses against a for-pay download block list...but I'm sure someone smart though of that one.

Or, as is usually the case, it was just easy.

But, with that fixed, Google Apps store won't open...because it can't get a good connection.  Tried it all over the state (yes, Connecticut is that small).

So, back to the CS folks I go.

Still can't get used to the horrible button placement on the exterior of the phone.


Ok, once again another hard reset to factory specs...and it's working with the Market again..and SprintID.

Then...the screen went squirmy and jumpy after dealing with WeatherBug and wouldn't let me do anything but pull the battery.

Not saying it's not a good phone...just some major freakin hurdles.

I give it another week of being tweaky and she's goin back.


Thanks for starting this thread. I wrestled for weeks whether to get an Intercept but just couldn't do it based on all the issues I'd read about. Then leaks about this device started surfacing so I decided to hold off and see what the Transform would shake out to be.

I realize it's only been generally available since yesterday, but with Premier folks getting a 4 day head start I was hoping there'd be more opinion posted by now. Probably just me being antsy, but I've been rockin' whatever free upgrade was available for the past 5 years and I'm ready to treat myself and actually pay for a phone. My SCP-2700 does nothing but get the job done. I can get on the web with it but just barely; and that's just tolerable because I discovered Opera Mini would run on it.

Going to keep pounding Google for a few more days before I pull the trigger. Hopefully more people pipe up and share their experience.


I may be pretty harsh on the phone, don't get me wrong.

I love the phone!  It's worth a couple quirks.

Great slide-board and it's easy to adapt to.  Camera is great....  Lemme just say that I've saved my bacon twice with that thing since Sunday.  I'm on-the-go with some decent construction projects and need to get informed answers from a Board of Directors that doesn't like to pony-up money without pictures.

Let's just say this thing has REALLY saved me a load of time.

The 5-screen Android base for Apps is great.  It even lets you link out to websites!  Yeah, I'm from the CrackBerry forgive my Android newbness.

I can get price quotes levied up in minutes instead of hours or days by linking in to the VPN client.  Heck, it'll even hook into the Exchange server at work!  Let's just say that gem makes the -forward from work to home to CrackBerry- mess much easier to handle.  I can even multi-link the home, gmail, job1, and job2 accounts to the thing...AND IT WORKS!

I love the phone....

It's just got some manky quirks that make you want to hug it one second and chuck it at a wall the next.

The major quirks are gone...and I can explain them.

Sprint ID Download - Call Customer Service and turnoff the charge-per-download block, or do it online

App Market - it was down and shakey all weekend...not everyone was effected, but I was

The Buttons - Do the the $10 case and the button thing goes bye-bye.

     Hint - Put the beveled split-case front facing up, to the top of the slides easier

The funny pictures - Still gonna happen...but not as often with the case (prox sensor is 90% effective)

The new quirk: The thing won't come up to the unlock screen or turn on when slid open.......

It's random and it's probably an OS hangup....  You have a computer the size of an electric shaver.  Deal with it.  Of course the case makes it trickier to powercycle, one handed, in the car, while drinking the coffee in the morning, while desperately trying to figure out why your boss is calling you at 5am and your phone won't let you in.

Just found a new quirk, as I've been typing.....  Now it won't lock.  It won't lock, at all.  Power button - nope.  Slide open, power button - nope.  Haptic feedback (touch-vibrate) wouldn't work.

Fix: Hit home until you feel the Haptic feedback.  Hit the power/lock button.  Hit it again, and the unlock works.

Possible cause: Screen off-center from slide-board.  (happened again as I was typing the "Fix")

I'd expect this from Windows....  I wonder what the Win7 Mobile is gonna have for quirks.


Thanks so much for this information and your updates on having this phone!  I've been dying trying to find some customer reviews on this phone and can't seem to find any.  I know it has only been out for two days, but it seemed like the Intercept had customer reviews on it right away on Sprints phone shopping page.  This is helpful, thanks again!


The Samsung Transform is a garbage attempt at Srpint/Samsung trying to cover up how many people they have screwed over with the Samsung Moment.  Sprint/Samsung has still failed to provide a solution for the Moment owners, and have basically played stall tactics for 2 years blaming their defective garbage on individual users.  Sprint has absolutely the worst customer service.  When you speak with them on the phone it is hit or miss if you find someone who is informed.  They hang up on you forcing you to call back and wait through music and be transferred through several layers (I've never seen a company that had so many dropped calls from landlines).  Within their own company they deny and deny that issues exist, even if a problem has been posted through their own tech support.  I am ranting right now, but the only reason they have customers is because they are cheap.  I am ready to pay a little more to not have to waste my life fighting to have a working product.  Everyone can do as they please, but I recommend not spending another dime with a company if they have failed to address issues for which they are responsible.

Facebook Group -


It does seem like the Transform is pretty much like the Moment, except the Moment has a much better screen.


The specs seem almost identical really except for the screen and the camera on the front of the phone.  I wonder if it also has data lockup issues.


Ok, I gave in and had to trade the defective phone in.

Now, down to a review with a WORKING phone.

The locking glitch is still there, cheapo case or no cheapo case.  Probably an OS problem.

Still pushing buttons, without the case, and taking funny pictures.  With the case, nothing.

And there's the fring App issue with the camera not letting you make video calls from the Front you don't get to see who you're talking to, at least not while they can see your face.

I still tax the OS to its breaking point....slow, unresponsive at times, but it catchs up.

The best part about worked right out of the box!

Still not sold on the phone yet...but I have some time to eval it.

$35 to trade so they can restock it...not so bad.  I'm missing NEXTEL.  But, the QWERTY keyboard is going to be hard to let go of.

The user auto-correct dictionary needs some work on the shortcuts...but that's the difference between Android and RIM products.  RIM has been at it longer so already has the shortcuts built in.  The Android is 80%, maybe.

OS load-up from the OFF position is longer than I'd like....but it's a touch screen.  So, I'll just mind my own business on why it can't start faster.

Otherwise...a decent phone.  It's a good replacement for folks who don't want to switch to the Torch or just have that need for physically hitting keys and not praying they touched the right letter square.


They charged you the $35 restocking fee to exchange a defective phone? You got ripped off, They are not supposed to charge a restocking fee unless you are swaping for a different device or a differenc color of the same model. I'd go back and demand my money back!

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