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Samsung Transform


Samsung Transform

So, fresh out of the box (Friday Night) and Sprint ID isn't available for download.  Nevermind switching from Nextel back to Sprint (no automatic activation).  I digress.

Customer support is telling me that the darned thing is defective, right out of the box!  Can't download an ID pack for its life!

Not complaining too much...Android and everything else is working spectacularly.  Well, except the vCard bluetooth transfer of my contacts from my 8350i won't load up.  Imported and saved to my SD card and now it reads "Reading of vCard data has failed | Failed to parse vCard for unexpected reason | file ended during parsing BASE64 binary".

Bought it online...and I can't "return" or swap the thing out at a store, apparently.....

Not happy...but that's what I get for trying to move to the Andriod wave.


I confused you.

Nope, the replacement of the defective was free.

I'm gonna test this thing out and see if I want to switch back to NEXTEL and get the Motorola Android instead.

Like I said, the QWERTY keyboard is gonna be a big reason to keep the Transform.

I won't mind paying $35 if I find the Transform is still glitchy enough to annoy me.


I See, OK then. Sorry, My bad.


If you chose the i1, the Android OS is 1.5 and is not likely to be upgraded due to the special code that had to be put in place to make Push to talk work on Android. The Transform is at 2.1 and is possible to see it upgraded to 2.2 in the near future.


Ok, love the phone.

Still has the intermitent locking issue.  Also, it randomly closes apps.

The random closure can be fixed by hitting home a bunch of times before relaunching the app.

I wish the thing would actually check email on a regular basis (and, yes, i've set it to retrieve every 5 minutes).

Glitches...oh well.


dont get me started on poor customer service...Best Buy and their Black Tie plan are the all time hands' down crappiest of all!!!


MPerina1, kindly keep the updates coming!  I'm sure mine isn't the Moment ready for upgrade on November 1st (its one year anniversary).  Us Moment owners are eager change phones, but only if it's to truly a working phone. May I ask a couple questions that really bug me concerning my Moment:

1. Have you had any issues when going in and out of WIFI connection?

2. Does the phone disconnect from the network without giving you any indication until you try and make a phone call?

Also, a lesser question: Does Sprint ID really mean zero bloatware? ie - Nascar, NFL, Moxier Mail, etc.

Thanks a bunch!


My Moment was pretty stable until it started to intermittently shut off...i could be on phone, net, wi-fi, cell it didn’t matter.  So i really cant agree or disagree with you regarding the performance issues you are having.  However, ID is not without Bloat however, you can remove them and customize yourself.  An OK feature, but I wouldn’t upgrade just for that!  The EPIC is nicer and for a few bucks more, the screen, SPEED and stability are worth the upgrade in itself. 


Alrighty, let's go in order with the replys....

The WiFi sucks so much juice out of the battery I rarely keep it active.  When I do keep it active, it transitions seemlessly from the protected home network, to the protected work network, to the open network at my Bar.  Yes, free wifi at a bar....  That's why they confiscate phones on Trivia night.

As to the network disconnect...I only have the issue in Faraday cages.  That means Walmart, Sams Club, Home basement or anywhere else you find a large metal cage to block your view.  Its more a signal strength issue than a network drop.  I haven't had an issue with network drops.

Like hammertimeaz said, Sprint ID comes packed with bloatware...if you let it.  If you run the "clean" screen, you load what you want.  No force loads.  You can always delete what you don't use.

Overall, the new phone is just OS quirky.

The only major draw to the phone comes from the Qwerty slideboard.  Though it's not definetly won't tax your thumb tips or break a womans nail like the 8350i does.  Yes, it's really funny to watch some poor glam with an 8350i have a nail shoot across the bar and land in someones beer....  Not's happened.

I kinda regret switching to the Transform...but not enough to go back to the Crackberry.  Too many new and fun things to do with Android that can't be done on the aging RIM phones.  Too bad RIM is updating their brand elsewhere...and not with Sprint, yet.  Compact flips are retro...sorry.

Ohh...and they haven't figured out why emails don't load on command.  You know, the 5 minute updates to check the email....  Yeah, autoupdate don't work.  At all.


To get a data lockup on the Moment, just leave your wifi area and perform a data-intensive task.  Some folks play youtube in high quality.  For me, I just browse the internet for 15 minutes.  I did not have this problem until I started using wifi at home, which is a lot less battery intensive and a lot faster and more stable than the Sprint network.  I'm surprised to see that wifi is draining the battery on the Transform.

Concerning cost: The Epic is $250 upfront with $10 per month "awesome fee" for those of us without 4g coverage.  That totals $490 over two years.  The Transform is $150.  A variance of $340 is more than just a few bucks to me.  I would rather buy a laptop for that price.

As long as the Transform works, I am willing to "upgrade" from the Moment.

I really appreciate the updates on the transform.  So far, the Transform is looking like a viable alternative to my Moment.  I can deal without automatic email push.  I have "Executive Assistant" to check my email every hour.


Just bought the Transform for my wife as an upgrade to her Moment.  So far it seems like a really nice phone but not without some issues.

1. noticeably slow at times, but in general it's fine

2. twice the phone has spontaneously shut-off?!  Both times were when we were downloading apps from the Market and had the keyboard open (landscape mode).  The only time I saw it crash was when I closed the keyboard.  Maybe it shorted-out something for a 'moment'?   In any case, I was unable to recreate it.

3. during the initial setup I select the 'Clean' option for Sprint ID (you have to scroll all the way to the bottom of the list).  I forgot to check if it skipped the install of Sprint TV etc, but it definitely skipped the install of hardly any widgets.  I had to go into the Market to get a digital-clock widget as well as a Calendar Agenda widget.

As other people have said the keyboard is really nice!  My wife immediately commented on the lack of a dedicated row of number keys (you have to press FN) but also appreciated that all the letter keys are now in the 'standard' 3-row layout, same as a real keyboard.  Instead, the bottom row is dedicated to the space bar plus function keys.

Looking forward to the 2.2 upgrade!



The Engadget review circa 10-15-10 also reported crashes due to using the keyboard, and Sprint told them it was a known problem to be addressed in a future software update.

Another complaint:

The 4 'system' buttons don't light-up until you try to use them, so it's easy to press the wrong one.  Is there a workaround?  Maybe I'll try sliding my finger across them and see if they light-up but don't register a selection.


Yup...darned thing hangs up on me all the time.

The video-phone feature works just fine on Skype...but they didn't program the right camera to be be sure to use a mirror to see who you're talking to.

Spontaneously crashes...through mine isn't typically with the keyboard.  It's when it's already closed and locked...and won't unlock.

Getting a lot of force-close screens recently.  Oh well.

The differences between 1.5 and 2.1 are noticable (also have an eDGe Entourage e-reader).  1.5 is cleaner...but 2.1 is less glitchy.'s less troublesome.

The clock and calendar should have been loaded, even with the Clean screen.  Don't know how to help you there, but at least you had Market available.

Oh, and the numbers thing....hit Function twice...the numbers stay active.  They're also native in the dialer when the slideboard is open.

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