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Transform = Trouble For US


Transform = Trouble For US

On our third transform and visiting the local Sprint Service/Repair Store on one line since our family plan started last fall.  Previous two phones went into airplane mode automaticalln and could not connect to the cell network wthout powering on and off.  Replacement phone (2nd replacement) a week ago.  After calling customer support they advised we should bring the phone back to the repair store.  The support person was kind and offered to follow-up with me later.....but this is terrible that we would have to go through 3 phones.  I wonder if it dawned on Sprint, reliable phones mean fewer support calls and replacements, which might lead to more customer loyalty and lower costs which could lead to Sprint able to keep commitments to past customers.

This AM the phone has the following messages

Android system recovery <3e>

Samsung Recovery Utils

          - for BML-

reboot system now


wipe data/factory reset

wipe cache partition


E:update file is backed up: Reported

Finding update package......

Opening update package....

Verifying update package....

Installing update....

Verifying current system....

Updating modem....

assert failed: write_firmware_image ("/tmp/modem_delta.bin","modem_delta.bin")

E:error in  /cache/

(status 7)

Installation aborted.


Transform = Trouble For US

Hi ARENSON6, I'm sorry for the inconvenience here. Pleae review this forum post about this issue.


Re: Transform = Trouble For US

i dont understand what to do

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