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exchange setup problem (unable to connect to server)


exchange setup problem (unable to connect to server)

OK so before you say anything i know theres nothing wrong on my server side..  I have 40+ transforms out in my field force and for some reason i cant congfigure this one..  Actually i have two in front of me and they both are doing the same thing.. Ive tried setting up the exchange through the email icon, manuelly and through accounts to sync.   Nothing seems to work i keep getting the error that it cant connect to server.   Ive tried useing 3g as well as my company wifi...  Now i have no problem at all setting up this account on my evo 3d, a spare evo and a spare galaxy.   I have never had a problem in the past with any of my transforms.. 

any one have any ideas?

Sprint Employee

exchange setup problem (unable to connect to server)

Hello LOKI007420, I sent you a private message requesting details.

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